Haven’t there been a lot of characters in the tiger King documentary series that have made themselves well-known? Through this article about one of the characters from the documentary series about the tiger King we’ve discovered that he’s gone today and that people from various nations such as Canada, the the United AmericaUnited Kingdom as well as Canada are eager to know more about his story.

Through this article about What happened to Erik Cowie We have come to know that tiger King has returned to the streaming platform of Netflix.

What exactly is tiger-king?

It’s a documentary series made in America It aired in November on Netflix It has also paid tributes on one person who contributed to the show, so that viewers can be aware of the significance of his work. Tiger King is a documentary-based show that features sanctuaries and zoos. There has been a battle between the zookeepers and activists for animal rights that the episodes on tiger King discuss, and there are a variety of animal parks that viewers are able to visit.

Through this particular piece on What happened to Erik Cowie, we learned the fact that Erik Cowie was a zookeeper who was employed for an animal sanctuary in Oklahoma. He was able to handle the big cats present in the enclosure. Erik Cowie was a co-worker with exotic, and also he backed Exotic when Exotic was criticized for its management of the park.

When Exotic’s crimes were disclosed, Erik Cowie changed his view. Finally, he was forced to be a witness against Exotic and was required to stand trial as well. Erik Cowie also said that Exotic was responsible for killing a number of animals.

What Happened to Erik Cowie?

In this article about one specific character in an tiger king documentary series in America We came to learn that there are certain reasons we can consider the cause of a very significant character in the documentary series. The character was named Erik Cowiedied and the police discovered his body in a particular apartment on the 3rd of September 2021. This occurred following the time that the animal park that was exotic had been shut down and a year had gone by.

The police also declared his body dead on the spot and the reason for his death was attributed to chronic alcohol abuse. In this particular piece on What happened to Erik Cowie We came to learn that he suffered a lot with his addiction to alcohol was related.

This is something we’re in the position of learning through the documentary that first came out on the 20th of March 2020. We also learnt about the fact that this character has various roles to fulfill when it comes to the documentary series about the tiger king is related.


Alcoholism is a serious problem and could result in the tragic loss to lives as we’ve observed in the instance of the character in this particular documentary series. Through this particular article about what happened to Erik Cowie We came to learn about his struggles, his characters and his addiction to alcohol.


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