While the small screen allows us to connect with the outside world and offers entertainment, behind the scenes, there are many administrative events that take place among broadcasters that we don’t know about. 9Life, an Australian television channel broadcasting in Australia was an excellent example of this. We will be covering What Happened to 9life Channel, and its current status in this news report.

About 9life Channel

9Life TV Channel telecasts English language shows related to reality programs and how people live in foreign countries. Nine Entertainment Co. controls the TV channel. It can be viewed in Australia. After its announcement on 28 Oct 2015, the channel was launched on 26 Nov 2015 and aired for the first time on 26 November 2015.

9Life currently shows the following:

International House Hunters

Fixer Upper

Beautiful Rooms

The Block

Home Town

You can read on to learn about What Happened to 9life Channel as well as its current standing.

The Journey

9Life started in 2015. It was first broadcast in urban areas. From the start, it gained a lot of fame with its audience. The channel’s higher share time by viewers helped it climb the OzTam rankings. It also performed better that other Nine Network channels, such as Extra and 9Go, 9Rush, 9Rush, and 9Gem.

9life began its regional venture when WIN Television (a renowned TV network) declared that 9life would be included in their programming starting 1 March 2016.

What Happened to 9life Channel

Nine Network joined forces with Southern Cross Austereo (a media company which operates TV and radio programs) on 29/03/2016. It simultaneously declared WIN Television its principal alliance. 9Life was therefore halted on 1 July 2016. Southern Cross Austereo couldn’t broadcast the channel any further because of a lack technical gadgetry.

9Life was no longer a part WIN but began being telecast on regional networks such Regional Victoria or Regional Queensland. It was also broadcast in NTD (a station controlled and administered by Nine Network).

The Comeback

Five years after What Happened to 9life Channel was established and its association to WIN Television, both networks will once again be in partnership. Nine Network announced that it would regain its affiliation to WIN Television starting 1 July 2021. The odyssey will be continued for a minimum seven years. 9Life, a news channel, would regain its airtime on WIN TV from 1 August 2021 because of the agreement between Sky News and WIN TV. It will be channel number 83.


9Life has televised many great shows since its beginnings. While What Happened to 9life Channel temporarily hampered the channel, the upcoming union of WIN Television will only increase its popularity.