Many people believe that all jewelry will tarnish. This is something that happens naturally over time and is not something you can avoid. However, this is not true. In fact, there are many types of jewelry that are not going to tarnish in a hurry. For example, one of them is gold jewelry.

If you are looking for a material to invest in, whether this is to resell in the future or that you want to enjoy for a long time, gold is a good choice. Let’s take a closer look at the type of gold jewelry you should buy so that it does not tarnish.

Always Know the Karat

First of all, know that some types of gold jewelry will tarnish. This is because they are not made from pure gold. So, to begin, you need to ensure you pay attention to the karat number when you are shopping for gold jewelry. This is going to indicate how pure a piece is and whether they are really made from a high percentage of gold.

For example, you will find that some jewelry is labeled as gold. But, when it comes down to it, they are actually made from other materials and only contain a small percentage of real gold. Since they are made from other metals and alloys, they are likely to tarnish quite quickly, which can be disappointing.

Choose 24K or 22K Gold

You will find that the purest jewelry you will find on the market is 24-karat gold. There are no other materials used in its construction, and it is not going to tarnish. So, if you are looking for pieces that are never going to lose their value or shine, 24-karat gold is what you want to search for.

But you should be aware that 24-karat gold comes with a high price tag. It can be very expensive. It is often a bright yellow, which you might not like, and it can scratch easily. So, it is not always recommended for everyday use.

This is when a lot of people consider 22-karat gold. It is better to wear every day since it is going to be slightly more durable. It still has a beautiful appearance and it will not easily tarnish. Check out Queen of Hearts for Asian-style jewelry that is made from 22-karat gold. There are some beautiful designs and they can be just what you are looking for. What’s more, they will last a long time.

How to Prevent Tarnishing

Of course, the best way to prevent tarnishing is to purchase gold jewelry with a high karat number. But, if your budget does not permit this right now, there are some things you can do to prevent tarnishing from happening so quickly. Here are some tips on how you can do this and so that you can get the most out of your pieces.

Remove Before Showering

Technique gold can get wet sometimes. But, this does not mean that it should be exposed to water on a daily basis. Eventually, this is going to take a toll on the piece of jewelry and it can also make it look dull. So, make sure that you remove the jewelry before showering. This is going to keep it looking beautiful for longer.

Store Jewelry Separately

Are you guilty of lumping all of your jewelry together into the same box? While you want to store your pieces away, you want to ensure they are all stored separately. This is going to ensure that they do not get scratched and get tangled up with each other. In addition, it is best to store them somewhere that is soft. Again, this makes sure that there is not any unnecessary damage.

Clean Regularly

Something you want to do on a regular basis is clean your gold jewelry. This can be simply buffing the pieces with a soft cloth. The idea is to get any dirt and debris off the jewelry. While you might not think they are dirty, there is still oil that comes off your skin. This could dull gold after a while. Cleaning them is a good way to make the pieces appear new.