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The cooperation of two companies that are in the same industry can result in a variety of results and attracts people who follow them. Furthermore, the expectations of players is increased because of these alliances. So, this article will give you information on this Sony and Bungie association.

In this piece we will address the questions of United StatesCanada as well as people from the United Kingdom people to Which games do Bungie own?

Explaining Bungie

This is a self-governing video game developed by experts that provide better online gamers. Additionally, it brings people together through their website to play and play the game with others. Additionally, it was founded through Alex Seropian in 1991, in the month of the month of May.

In the early 90s, Bungie released several games for their fans, collaborating alongside other game developers. They were mostly focused on developing Mackintosh games in their initial stage, but as time went by, the company grew through development and innovation. Let’s look at the games played in the name of Bungie later in this paragraph.

What Games Does Bungie Own?

According to reliable sources the company has developed a variety of games and series, that are listed below.

Year PublishedGames
1993Ways to Darkness
1994-96Marathon Series
1997-98Myth Series
2001-10Halo Series
2014-17Destiny Series

According to the accounts, Microsoft still owns Bungie’s Halo. In addition, the latest news about Bungie has been circulating on the Internet and we should look into the facts more closely.

Latest Update on Bungie

Through the Internet there are various reports while searching for ‘ What Games Does Bungie own in relation to the acquisition from Bungie through Sony. When we look at the issue more closely, we have discovered that Sony is now the owner of Bungie following the purchase of $3.6 Billion.

In the wake of this announcement the gaming industry responded in a manner that was largely mixed responses. In the next part, we’ll concentrate on this story to find out what may occur in the future as a result of this alliance.

Further Hints

The related hints regarding ‘ What Games Does Bungie own?’ showed the contents of a YouTube video that reveals the potential plans of Sony after acquiring Bungie. The user also said that Sony is willing to take on a risk that could benefit them; but, Bungie will remain as an open-source studio, as it was.

The same is true for Bungie. Bungie has also backed the assertion and stated that it would allow players to play games from anywhere and be completely independently. Based on a reliable source Destiny 2 will also be available on various platforms.

The Closing Thoughts

This article offers related threads about Which Games Does Bungie own? Furthermore, this article also included a brief introduction to Bungie to help gamers understand the history of the company more in depth. In addition, recent news of the connection between Bungie and Sony is appearing on the Internet and we’ve also covered it in depth.