Any homeowner that has experienced a sewer or pipe problem and faced the frustrating problem of not knowing where to dig will testify to the importance of video pipe inspection. Video pipe inspection is a utility location tool that uses fiber-optic video cameras to find cracks, leaks, and blockages without digging up the pipe’s entire length. You can find info about Maryland video pipe inspections here.

These cameras can inspect the lines in your house or those as far as the intersection of the sewer line to the municipal main and pinpoint any damage or issues that require repair. 

The Process for Video Pipe Inspection

When you suspect you have a damaged pipe or obstruction that you cannot locate, you must hire a video pipe inspection contractor. They will insert a video inspection rod inside your pipe. Access to the pipes will be gained through an inlet, utility hole drain, or vault.  

The flexible fiberoptic scope (capable of bending and maneuvering around corners and curves to reach the troubled area) that is inserted into the pipe will have a high-resolution video camera attached to it. The video camera is waterproof and durable enough to withstand the conditions inside the pipes. An LED light is also placed on the end of the inspection rod to help the camera capture accurate images in the pipe. 

Expert technicians will remain above ground and monitor the live feed from the camera on a monitor. They can inspect the condition of the conduits and pipes to spot any potential problem areas. This video footage is stored and can be provided to you for record-keeping or reference in case of future challenges with your pipes. 

A transmitter in the video pipe inspection scope also allows technicians to stop the scope when damage is encountered, and to locate and mark the point above ground. After identifying the point, the professionals will advise you on the best course of action for repairing the issue detected. 

Problems That A Video Pipe Inspection Can Detect

A video pipe inspection is helpful when trying to locate leaks, obstructions, or holes in your pipes. Video pipe inspections can help pinpoint clogs, grease buildups, corrosion, punctures, root intrusion position, and determine the depth, layout, and grade of utility and sewer pipes. Other uses of video pipe inspections are identifying vaults, laterals, points of termination, and misalignment, locating non-detectable storm and sanitary laterals, detecting potential weak points and future problems, and verifying if current conditions conform with current regulations. Video pipe inspections are also used to ensure that clean-up or repair services are carried out efficiently. 

Instances When Video Pipe Inspections Are Recommended

When purchasing a home, it is advisable to undertake a video pipe inspection. Underground pipes are not usually part of routine real estate inspections. It is the best way to check your sewer and other underground utility pipes for signs of issues that would be problematic or expensive to fix after you purchase the home. Video inspections are the best way to protect yourself from unforeseen challenges. 

Video pipe inspections are also recommended when trying to repair a blockage that is hard to locate. Video pipe inspection may be your only solution where a blockage is in an area that cannot be reached by the traditional utility locating or vacuum excavation methods. You can find the blockage inside a concrete structure or under a foundation. 

If you are experiencing repetitive backups or clogs, a video pipe inspection may be the most efficient solution. The inspection will locate the blockage and save you from spending money on constant repairs. 

Advantages of Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection is the best approach to repairing damage in underground pipes for various reasons. This method is much cheaper than exploratory excavating because it is not intrusive and reduces the time and labor necessary to repair the pipes. If you have an emergency, a video pipe inspection will quickly help you diagnose and solve the problem. A video inspection will help the plumbing technicians plan for the repair because they’ll know the exact cause and location of the problem. 

Video pipe inspection also helps owners detect potential issues to perform less costly maintenance tasks. You will be able to detect leakages and blockages before they become problematic. 

Suppose you are about to purchase a new home or are facing some challenges with your sewer system. In that case, you should consider hiring a reputable video pipe inspection technician to inspect the plumbing system.