There are challenging dungeons, deadly bosses, breathtaking vistas, and a plethora of collectibles to discover in Arkesia. When it comes to collectibles, Lost Ark tracks eight different categories — in total, there are nearly 1,500 hidden items scattered throughout the world. Mokoko Seeds are one of the first types of collectibles you’ll come across in Raiders of Lost Ark. They’re not difficult to locate, and they provide a variety of advantages to those who seek them out and learn about them.

Discover why Mokoko Seeds are important in Lost Ark, and why you should collect them whenever you come across them in your explorations.

What are Mokoko Seeds, and how do they work?

Known as Mokoko Seeds in the game, cheap lost ark gold is a form of currency and one of the eight types of collectibles available in Lost Ark. During your time in Arkesia, you’ll come across them scattered on the ground, and they’re easily distinguished by the sprouting green leaves on their stems. To obtain a Mokoko Seed, simply interact with it by pressing the G key on your keyboard. It will then appear on your minimap (to alert you that you have already collected it) and be added to your Collectibles menu, where you can access it at any time.

Reasons for the importance of Mokoko Seeds

Despite the fact that you could go the entire game without coming across them, Mokoko Seeds have a number of advantages. For starters, they provide you with a small amount of Roster XP, making it a simple way to increase your Roster Level and unlock new perks.

If you wish, you can also travel to Mokoko Village and speak with Totoma in order to exchange your Mokoko Seeds for valuable rewards. Despite the fact that it includes some of the following items, the full list can be found on the Collectibles menu (Alt + L).

(50 seeds) Totoma Card (50 seeds)

Seeds of the Mokamoka Card (350 seeds)

Mukomuko (500 Seeds) is required for the Stronghold Crew Application Form.

Mokoko Village (900 seeds) as a background image

Nice Smelling (1100 Seeds) is the title of this variety.

Mokoko Seed (1200 Seeds) is used in the transformation.

Where to Look for Mokoko Seeds?

It is common to find Mokoko Seeds on the edges of maps, hidden among dense shrubbery or partially obscured by in-game objects. Although your minimap will not provide you with precise locations for Mokoko Seeds, you can use the Collectibles menu and lost ark gold to help you narrow down which regions you need to search for them.

After you’ve opened your Collectibles menu, select the Mokoko Seeds icon from the list. This will bring up a specific model of Arkesia that has been divided into several sections. The number of Mokoko Seeds hidden on each map — as well as how many you’ve already discovered — will be displayed when you hover your cursor over one of these segments.

If you’re ready to go Mokoko Seed hunting, you can expedite the process by purchasing some Crystalline Aura before you start your search. Essentially, this premium item serves as Lost Ark’s monthly subscription service, and it grants you access to numerous additional benefits. When searching for Mokoko Seeds, you’ll want to take full advantage of the free use of Triports, which will allow you to travel quickly around the world without having to worry about draining your bank account. This makes it simple to skip around the map and jump to locations where you still need to find Mokoko Seeds, which is convenient.