Did you know that at least three million people in the U.S have more than one type of pest living in their homes? While some pests may be easy to identify, others like to build their nests in the foundation of your home. Fortunately, pests like termites leave behind clues that can help you identify them and where they made their nests.

But, do you know what does termite damage look like? If not, we invite you to keep reading as we’ll go through some of the most signs you have termites. Additionally, we’ll give you some pointers on how you can get rid of a termite infestation.

Mud Tubes

Perhaps one of the clearest signs you have termites is finding mud tubes around your home. A mud tube is a network of tunnels termites build to get in and out of your walls or other structures. Additionally, some tunnels connect to the main nest or other important areas like the nursery or food storage.

Once the termites finish using a mud tunnel, they’ll cut it off, which then you can find on the floor. And if you happen to find one that is still attached to the wall, break it off, as it’ll stop them from going through again. As you can imagine, getting rid of termites can be difficult, especially if you find lots of mud tunnels, as this usually means they’ve established a colony.

Fortunately, most pest control services can deal with a termite problem without breaking a sweat. 

Damaged Wood

One of the most alarming signs of termite damage is wood damage, as it can pose a serious threat to your home. But, of course, spotting wood damage can be difficult as the damage is usually only visible from the inside of the walls. But, there are some telltale signs that you have wood damage, so lets’s briefly outline them.

The first sign you have wood damage because of a termite infestation is hollow walls. You can test to see if your walls sound more hollow than usual by tapping areas of the walls where you know a wood stud is located. Once you find the hollow stud, you can drill a hole into it and wait to see if termites start to crawl out of it.

Alternatively, you can contact a professional to inspect your walls, but make sure it’s not a building inspector as they aren’t prepared or trained to get rid of a termite infestation. Instead, contact a pest control company to check the integrity of your home. And if you want additional details about the difference, be sure to click for more information.

What Does Termite Damage Look Like? – Answered

Hopefully, with this comprehensive guide, we’ve answered the question: what does termite damage look like? But, of course, there are other signs that you have termites, but these are the most common ones. So, don’t wait any longer, and inspect your home today!

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