Emirati means someone belongs to UAE. It can be from any Emirate of UAE e.g. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc. Let’s talk here by considering the Emirate Dubai. A Law Firm in Dubai can be called as Emirati Law Firm Dubai. But please wait, does it the real meaning of a Law Firm in Dubai or having a Law Firm in Dubai also called as Emirati Law Firm Dubai?

It is not like that. We need to explain this point which can also become a trap for few clients. Emirati Law Firm means a Law Firm which is owned by an Emirati Advocate and an Emirati Citizen. UAE Law only allows an Emirati Lawyer to become an Advocate after passing a criteria which is; 

  • He must be UAE National.
  • He must be greater than 21 years of his age. 
  • He must be having an education by a recognized university in UAE
  • He has worked or take one year training (the practical training, not a fake or theoretical training) 

It allows an Emirati Advocate to become an Emirati Lawyer where he gets the authority to appear in court, registered himself as an advocate and open a sole proprietor law firm. This is meant to be an Emirati Law Firm. This is the real definition where an Emirati Law Firm opens or can only open a sole proprietor Law Firm. Let’s move to another practical aspect now.

There are several Law Firms owned and led by Emirati Lawyers but run by another. Though only an Emirati Law Firm can appear in Court, represent the Client but idea is used by another Lawyer who might not be an expatriate. Law Firm should not be owned by an Emirati Lawyer, it should also be run, managed, commanded, governed and taken to next professional level by the Emirati Advocate or number of Emirati Advocates. All the case plan must be planned and made by the same Emirati Advocate or Advocates who are owning or leading the Law Firm.

It means to be a real Emirati Law Firm by a real time professional Lawyer/Lawyers. When there is a sole proprietorship and a number of Emirati Advocates are working then it means only one of them will be and can be the owner. Rest, will be the partners but as we stated above all have to be participating in the services. The best example of a true sole owned, managed, governed Law Firm is Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants. This is owned by Advocate Mr. Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba.  

Such Law Firms are fully owned and managed by the professional and experienced Emirate lawyer. Such law firms are called as and considered as Emirate law firms. Please do not get trapped by those law firms where Emirati is just a name. Most importantly the Emirati Law Firm, is the one owned by an Emirati Lawyer who takes the responsibility. 

When clients have to find good advocates, then such Lawyers in Dubai and Law Firms in Dubai must be given a preference. This article clears the concept of a true Emirati Law Firm and the Lawyers too which helps the clients to hire the real time professional Emirati Advocate and Law Firm.

The professionals who come to Dubai or UAE and they are not the citizen of UAE, are provided the opportunity where they can pass the exam of a legal consultant to become if the education, they got in their countries can be accepted in UAE. They can become the legal consultant and start practicing as legal consultants in Emirati Law Firms. They are given the smaller to bigger tasks in Law Firms as per their capacity. They can design the case too, they can also become the case coordinators, but you can’t call them as Lawyers. 

Services offered by these Law Firms will be mostly the full service. But it is also not necessary that the Law Firm having all kind of expertise. Therefore, the initial meetings before a bog case or one meeting before a medium case, is suggested. Go to Law Firm, meet with the owner, check the expertise he has, check the expertise other Emirati Lawyers have, check the legal office infrastructure they have e.g. legal translation quality, paralegals, admin etc.  

Try to hire the best Lawyer/Law Firm. It is good for your case from several point of view. It is good for your case from several aspects. Your case will be taken and managed with seriousness. A key management system, legal software and modern technology allows a Law Firm to work in a better way. If the Law Firms are not using such systems, then it means they are not advanced and they can’t manage the cases effectively. They might give up the hearings and they might give up the expert meetings. 

The Modern Law Firms are fully prepared and loaded with modern technology. They are fully well prepared and know that how to maintain the level of performance. They are the Law Firms who can manage multiple cases together. If they will not be using these sources then they can’t be able to manage more than one cases. This is one of the reason the Emirati Law Firms owned by reputed Emirati Advocates, are preferred. The well reputed and famed Emirati Advocates are managing the Law Firms with the modern technology and a team of UAE’s best Lawyers, Legal Consultants and Paralegal staff members. 

We have cleared the concept here that what does it mean to be an Emirati Law Firm. The serious Emirati Law Firms are only able to handle the big cases. A big case given to a less established Emirati law firm, can’t produce the result which is needed, especially when the amount of supporting documents is more than the requirement. Always do your best to find out a good Law Firm for the good results and trusted results where the client is no cheated an served with honesty.