Construction jobs of all types often require some sort of excavation to take place. For many years, this work was done with hydraulic excavators and backhoes.

In many cases, it was a lot of hand tools and tough work that got the job done – which took time, money, and effort. The risk of injury was high. 

Today, technology has replaced the need for much of this work and made the process of excavation a good bit easier. The introduction of the vacuum excavation truck has made this whole process much, much easier to handle.

If you’re not familiar with how a hydro truck functions, it can be helpful to get familiar with this process. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know about hydro excavation and how a specialized vehicle gets the job done.

How a Hydrovac Truck Works

How does a vacuum truck provide a safer and more accurate working process? In short, the hydro vac truck provides a much more precise and less invasive way of accomplishing the same goals as older, outdated methods. 

Hydro excavation is a technique with great results. The truck in question essentially uses high-pressure water to loosen soil and dig away at the material in the way of continuing work. 

Once ground material becomes wet and muddy, the hydro vac has the ability to suction all the material into a tank mounted on the vehicle. The material is then either saved for later backfilling or is transported to a safe disposal location. 

This technology allows this work to be done quickly and efficiently – at a rate that couldn’t have been dreamed of prior to its arrival on the scene. 

The Advantages of a Vacuum Excavation Truck

There are many reasons why a vacuum excavation truck can be a huge help on any sort of job site. We’ve already mentioned the accuracy and efficiency of this truck, which can do the job much quicker and with better results than older methods.

The other main benefit to discuss is safety. The process of excavation, when done by hand, comes with many risks. It’s easy for a worker to face injury of some sort or another when performing excavation tasks by hand. 

Not only does this risk pose a serious threat to workers’ well-being, but it also threatens to derail projects as a whole. Injuries and incidents can set back work timelines and slow down efficiency to a great degree.

This is another reason why looking into any hydro vac truck for sale can be a huge help to those looking to take on large construction projects. These advanced vehicles are well worth the investment in the many benefits they can provide.

Understanding Hydro Excavation Equipment

Excavation is and always has been a huge part of many types of construction work. However, it’s only in recent years that technology has come to meet the needs of this requirement. 

The above information can help you to understand why a vacuum excavation truck can be so essential to any job site. 

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