1. Is this the first device? If it is the first let’s find out the purpose of our use. What do you want to do? Organize a program, edit it, sing karaoke or use to play games, etc. We will take the low specification that our main use program as a standard and may increase the specification a little more Provides smooth operation support for future updates.

2. What problems do we have with the old device that does not meet the needs of the use if this is not the first device? Most users will change the computer because its performance slows down or the specification doesn’t answer our question. In this article, Custom PC Builder site (PC Builder) will help you if your computer is defective in any part. It will save you a lot of money.

3. In what way do we want to use it in particular back to the original question, the purpose of use? If we can meet the needs of use before purchasing a computer or notebook will help reduce our choices from hundreds, there are only dozens of models left.


As for the speed of the RAM, it affects the data transmission in Real-time, which can be seen from the Hz, the more it means that it can transmit the signal very quickly. This will directly affect the game that has rendered graphics all the time. For gamers who want high-quality images, strong frame rates need to pay more attention to this area than the amount of RAM. RAM speed has very little to do with it and should be purchased according to your motherboard.

Hard disk (Hard disk):-

For purchasing hard disks Please consider the following.

– Style and size

– Selecting the type of portable hard drive

– Suitable capacity

– Data transfer speed

– Durability of use

SSDs are very popular with gamers these days because they read data quickly. Installed games use a method to extract files from these drives to load scenes or sounds. SSD jobs will also keep loading. This includes booting up significantly faster than when using HDD.

Graphic Card:-

Size – The area of ​​RAM in the GPU that can hold instructions or data sets during processing. This allows you to render work smoothly without causing the machine or programs to hang. For gaming the RAM size isn’t really necessary, if a graphics card with a capacity of about 8 GB is sufficient for most games.

Processing Speed ​​- Measured by the number and type of cores in the graphics card. In this section, the Graphics card will use more cores than the Gaming line to increase the speed of processing tasks or rendering work. The speed of the GPU affects the throughout game that is Real-time makes the game have a higher Frame rate as well which noticed that gaming graphic cards have clock speed of 1000 MHz or higher, while graphics cards have clock speeds of 1000 MHz or higher will be around 4 – 500 MHz only.