Jewelry is a great way to accentuate your look. Subtle or blingy, stone-studded or not, there are various ways to use jewelry both for Indian and western outfits.

However, the common question that we often get asked is how to buy fashionable Indian jewelry that’s going to make you look good for more occasions than one.

While it is always important to buy marcasite bracelets that reflects your unique style, keeping a few aspects in mind while you go shopping for this beauty accessory can be of great help.

So here are some key points that might help you stay trendy and stylish.

Keep the neckline in mind

The neckline of your dress is a very important consideration before you choose jewelry. It is important that the length and style of the piece you choose to wear on your neck complements the neckline, without jarring the look.

  • Therefore, short chokers look great on those scoop-style necklines, as your skin and neckline both get highlighted and showcase your jewelry beautifully.
  • Pendant shapes that complement your neckline work well too. So, you may like to try triangular pieces over a square-shaped neckline. You are my sunshine necklace also looks great on almost all types of necklines.
  • Long chains look great on boat necks and turtlenecks but choose the length depending on features you would like to highlight.
  • Also, slim-styled pendants work well for collar and halter neck dresses, enhancing your best features and the jewelry as well.

Consider the sleeve length

Yes, the right way to pair your bracelets right is by keeping the length of your sleeves in mind. Often forgotten, this simple aspect can highlight your attire and jewelry in a beautiful manner.

  • Short-sleeved dresses pair well with thicker bracelets, while long-sleeved dresses look good with thin, slender bracelets.
  • This means that you can opt for chunky bracelets with your sleeveless outfit, and slender ones with your full sleeved dress.
  • This helps to create a no-fuss fashionable look, making you appear stylish whatever the occasion may be.
  • However, do choose your bracelets or bangles; based on the color and pattern of the dress you wear, to enhance the look.
  • Indian bracelets offer a stunning range of designs and come in varied materials. These not only complement Indian attire but western wear as well, giving your look that stylish edge.

The color of your dress

The next most important thing to do is to keep the color of your clothes in mind.

  • Bright-colored clothes are wonderfully complemented by jewelry in subdued colors.
  • Alternatively, light-colored clothes and brighter jewelry tend to go together.
  • Also, if you’re wearing a heavily embroidered dress then go subtle on the jewelry and vice versa.
  • And if you’re unsure on what style of jewelry goes, then we advise you to experiment, till you get the look you personally like.
  • Do try traditional jewelry on western outfits and vice versa. These can really glam up your look and make you look fashionable.

The print of your dress

Another interesting parameter that can amp up your look, is matching the print on your dress with jewelry.

  • However, this can only work if you’re wearing a dress with bold stripes, circular designs, or any other motif. If done with care, and keeping other aspects in mind, you can create a fashionable look with your dress, jewelry, and style.
  • Therefore, geometric patterns on a dress harmonize beautifully with geometric patterns on jewelry, and anything else can negatively impact your look.
  • If your dress has curvy prints or traditional motifs, jewelry with similar pendants or design elements works best.
  • Investing in a beautiful pair of jhumkas is always a great idea. This Indian jewelry complements most Indian attires and some western ones as well. Moreover, you can alter the length of jhumkas earrings to suit your face shape, as this jewelry matches most face shapes and face types.
  • If your dress has multiple prints and patterns, then check out the most dominant pattern and use this to match your jewelry.

The occasion

An important aspect you need to consider before buying fashionable jewelry is to know what occasion it is for.

  • Formal occasions aren’t spaces for loud jewelry, and you can invest in some designer pieces that match the formal clothes you have. Stylish watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even finger rings are great for formal wear.
  • When you’re dressing up for your workplace, simple pieces such as hoops, studs, and little elegant pendants work best. You can also opt for solitaire studded rings, to amp up your office look. However, if your workplace has a more relaxed than a tight formal setting, then go for pieces that have color and reflect your personality. For those working in the online environment, things get a tad trickier. You need to choose workwear jewelry that reflects your work culture and your style through jewelry that’s visible and frames your face. Opt for smart earrings and necklaces with little pendants for styling your look.
  • When it comes to informal occasions, you need to choose depending on the event you plan to attend.
  • A wedding is a time to therefore go all out. You can buy the stunning pieces of jewelry that have intricate work on them. However, do remember to color coordinate with your attire.
  • An evening party, on the other hand, could be a great place to deck on a few key statement pieces of jewelry.

Before buying fashionable jewelry, it is also important to consider the amount you plan to invest in your purchase. Also, keep the quality of material and workmanship in mind. While you can choose to invest in a few quality diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals, you may benefit from various designer jewelry outlets, which allow you to buy much more within a limited budget.

Whatever you finally choose to do, opt for a brand that’s trustworthy and has a good range and customer service. This will allow you to enjoy jewelry that reflects quality, class, and your unique style for a long time.