There are various reasons why your content isn’t being seen, and they all revolve around SEO.

Are you aware that 75% of internet users never get past the first page of search results? Or that companies who have blogs get 55% more online traffic? And did you know that fixing typical sites performance issues like broken links and slow loading rates can boost your site’s traffic by 40% or more?

Unless you know SEO, no matter how good your material is, it’s likely to get forgotten amid the 27 million pieces of unique content shared online every day. However, a solid understanding of SEO — which you’ll gain by reading this article — releases the power of the internet and ensures that you always have a winning hand to play. You can hire a web design company in Dubai or a social media marketing agency in Dubai that can handle SEO like a pro!

How To Rank Higher in A Google Search?

Rather than focusing on the specific page where your material is located, optimizing your content for search engines begins with your entire website. While the pieces on this page are vital, they constitute only a small part of the overall picture.

There are numerous aspects to consider, all of which will necessitate the involvement of several members of your marketing and web development teams. I developed an SEO e-book and shared it with my staff to ensure they were well-informed and capable of contributing to our SEO efforts. I’ll highlight some of the key points and show you what you need to know about SEO!

To begin, recognize that everything on your site — from page titles to content to the page’s URL — must function as a response to a query, problem, or inquiry. Each action you take to improve your website must be deliberate. Begin by creating a sitemap and identifying the keywords or phrases for which you want each page to rank.

Passing Skills Google’s Evaluations:

There’s a reason Google is so knowledgeable about everything. It conducts a series of tests to see whether the solution it provides is, in fact, the best. It counts how many times a user clicks on a webpage from the search results pages (SERPs), how long they stay on the page, and whether or not they click the back button (bounces). These are known as user behaviour metrics (UBMs) and are extremely important to search engines.

Google Ranking Factors:

Google is concerned about your site’s general health since it does not want users to have a negative experience. To audit your site, use a crawling tool like Screaming Frog. Don’t be disheartened if you’re given a lot of info that appears to be confusing. Take it to step by step, and research whatever you don’t understand; first, figure out what the problem is, and then figure out how to fix it using SEO best practices. also has a fantastic site auditing tool that provides advice on how to fix issues.

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