A lot of people ask what companies are worth it. Well, I’ve had some experience with saber smiths/companies that sell, design, and build custom lightsabers; So I’ll try my best to match your needs and give you the lowdown on who’s worth it and who isn’t.

First off, there is the #1 most important part of a custom lightsaber company, and that’s their attention to detail. If you get something that isn’t polished or smooth, then the money you’ve spent is all for nothing! So what I do is get a sheet metal file and file down my saber until it’s perfectly smooth and shiny; If they don’t make sure to do that, then they aren’t worth your time!

Second, I check to make sure there’s no excess glue or paint on the saber. It needs to be clean and good quality; otherwise, you get what looks like a kid’s toy lightsaber with nasty bumps and such all over it! That’ll mess up an entire saber build, so it’s something that you have to watch out for!

Third, I check that the saber is balanced. If there’s something off, then it’ll throw everything off when you’re dueling, making your saber unsafe and difficult to handle. This can be another deal-breaker because it’s just not fun! I put my saber on a flat surface and spin it; if it wobbles or falls, then I send it back.

Fourth is the overall look of the saber and how durable it looks. If it’s one solid piece of metal like a full tang (full tang = 1 solid piece) saber, then I feel better about that; but if it has these cracks, then forget about it! I’ve seen some sort of cracks in the durasteel sabers from Ziasabers, and those always seem to break! Another thing I check is how good it looks; if there is excess glue or any type of metal showing, then forget about it.

Also, a lot of companies have a customization option where they’ll put your name on the saber; I’d say that’s not a big deal, and you don’t care about it.

A lot of people ask me about sound, and there is no need for sound in a custom saber because you’re the only one who will hear it! There are some nice custom sabers with sound, but if it’s too expensive, then forget about it; the sabers are just as good without it!

Do I need to say much about quality? If you’re getting a custom lightsaber, then expect that it’s going to be worth it because they charge more for them. Performance is what you pay for, so if you’re paying around $200 or less for one of these things, then don’t expect much. I like Ultrasabers because they offer some customization, but their sabers are often cheaply made. The blade is hollow, and the paint comes off easily; not good for dueling.

I don’t like Saberforge either; their blades are too heavy at the end, making it difficult to use in combat without stabbing yourself! As well, their pommels and emitters aren’t worth anything. They offer many customization options, but that doesn’t mean anything if the quality isn’t there!

Lastly, I’d say Anakin Skywalker sabers are nice; they have full tangs and come with a crystal chamber so you can light up your saber without any trouble. They don’t offer a lot of customization, but they do have some nice designs. Their sound is pretty good if you’re into that, but I’ve heard too many complaints from people about poor quality to recommend them here.

So who’s worth it? Well, if you’re looking for a saber with a color crystal, then Ziasabers is your best option. Aside from that, I’d say Anakin Skywalker sabers are the way to go because of their full tang design and crystal chamber. I know some people have had problems with them, but they are pretty good otherwise!

And if you’re thinking about getting a sound saber, then Sabertrio is the way to go because their sound is pretty powerful and clear!

If you want something custom, then go ahead but expect to pay more. Custom sabers like Ziasabers are not worth it, in my opinion; their blades are hollow, making them dangerous during combat without proper blade plugs! Their paint will also chip easily; I’ve seen many people make excuses for them when they just aren’t worth it.

Features of Custom lightsaber:

  • Custom LED Sound Saber
  • It is very sporty in look, which is ideal for the younger generation.
  • An additional blade can be used as a magic wand or wood column lights, etc.
  • The body of the lightsaber is made of metal which makes this product strong, and it will not break easily.
  • It comes with a LED light inside, which is very bright and eye-catching. It makes this product look better and more real.
  • Ideal for Star Wars Collection or Cosplay Show etc.
  • With the Fiber Optic Light up system (FOL), you can change from one color to another very easily.
  • It comes with a fiber optic cable that can be connected to your batteries, then you can switch on the LED light inside the hilt of this lightsaber for a night light or cosplay show, etc.