MSI Z390-A PRO LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z390 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX  Intel Motherboard | Help Tech Co. Ltd


Our center of attention for today is MSI Z390a-pro motherboard which almost resembles the appearance of that of supercars and those vibrant colors are a plus point because of MSi famous mystic RGB lighting system, it supports a variety of processors to start with and then offers huge benefits to its user. The basic aim is fulfilled by this motherboard of a clean and crisp gaming and streaming experience because of its incredible specifications that will be discussed soon. 

Give read to some of the impressive characteristics possessed by this equally incredible motherboard z390-a pro. From aesthetic appearance to best auditory and visual output this board did not fail to impress us and hence became a hot topic and we just could not resist reviewing it.

• Aesthetic Appearance: The board looks very subtle yet aesthetic with coffee colored process control block with silver streaks over the corners and integrated heat sinks, all of which gives an overall cool look.

• Multiple Expansion Slots: The board has total four PCIe slots, two 3.0 x 16 and one 3.0 x 4 and finally one 3.0 x 1 slot. These slots are extremely essential for insertion of multiple important cards like graphics, RAID, WiFi or even solid state drives hence should present top notch connectivity output, hence MSI Z-390 A Pro is integrated with high quality steel coated PCIe slots.

• Other Connectivity Options: The connectivity slots and ports are a bit outdated but works fine if you are expecting a basic output. There’s only a single PCIe, SATA and M.2 slot making. However availability of six SATA ports have equalized this flaw to some extent. These ports support RAID and 10 arrays very conveniently. 

HDMI ports are conveniently replaced by D-sub video output, along with display port and DVI-D output providing best results.

If we touch the USB connectors, there are two 3.1 ports of type a and c separately, four 2.0 USB ports and finally two more of 3.0. Also you can make use of at least USB ports available at internal headers of 2.0. Turbo USB connectors are the best part of this board because they offer fast speed performances with best stability one can vouch for. 

• Satisfactory Memory Limit: The memory space offered by this board is quite on a better side with 128 GB space supporting DDR4 4400. 

• Impressive Auditory Output: Audio output of high definition while gaming and streaming is listed as a basic foremost necessity hence use of appropriate audio codec is importance which is why MSI z-390 a pro has audio setup all powered by popular Realtek ALC 892 high definition codec which is tested to give best auditory results.

• Maximum Heat Controlling Setup: Almost 6 integrated fans in MSI z390-a pro, 1 for CPU, 4 for system and 1 water pump along with integrated large heat sinks make sure that heat has been getting controlled to maximum since overheating specially when overclocking could prove to be game spoiler and could even potentially collapse whole system hence precautionary measures are really necessary. Heat sinks along with an improved circuit blueprint makes sure that even heavy files work very smoothly.

• Stable Local Area Network: Intel sponsored LAN makes sure to provide fast as well as stable network connection for both professional and personal use. It makes sure to present high speed output with best quality graphics without any distortion.

• Specifications:

-Compatible Intel (8th and 9th generation), Pentium gold, Celeron CPUs with functional LGA 1151 socket.

-Chipset of Intel Z390.

-Supports dual channel, non ECC un buffered memory, Intel extreme memory profile (XMP)

-One m.2 slot with electronic key for Intel wireless module.

-1 VGA port that can potentially support HD graphical output.

-Integrated two way AMD Crossfire technology.

-7.1 channel HD audio.

-One 24 pin, one 8 pin and one 6 pin 12 volt power connectors.

-One 4 pin CPU fan, five 4 pin system fans and one 4 pin water pump connector.

-One 4pin RGB LED connection.

-One serial port, one CMOS jumper, two system panel connectors, one parallel port connector, one TPM module connector, one thunderbolt card connector and finally one front OC button connector.

Conclusion: I hope you must have understood by now that z-390 a-pro is a best choice that goes well with many CPU options like Intel, Pentium, Celeron and gives top notch output with each one of them. Overclock friendly, multiple connectivity optimizations, best audio video output and much more commendable features offered by this board has made it pass our reliability test.