A good criminal defence lawyer takes some effort to find. Just because someone is a defence lawyer doesn’t mean that they will be great at defending criminal cases. It involves a certain level of skill as well as insight into the minds of people for someone to become a good criminal defence lawyer. So, what are the characteristics that you should look out for if you need a good criminal defence lawyer? 

Your Criminal Defence Lawyer Should Be Respectful

It takes more than just yelling “I object” to defend clients in court. A good criminal defence lawyer is usually levelheaded and can find the right words to use for specific circumstances. 

A Criminal Defence Lawyer Does Not Give Up Easily

Defending someone who was charged with a criminal offence is not easy. Oftentimes, there is a mountain of evidence filed against the defendant that can be very overwhelming. A good lawyer will be able to dissect each part of the case and determine what details can help their client or not. 

You may think that this might not be possible if the accused confessed to the crime, but there are ways to defend complex cases such as this. For example, a good criminal defence lawyer can analyze the methods that the authorities used to get a confession out of their client and then use that for defence if the confession was obtained in a way that does not follow protocol.

Another defence that can be used is the presence of subjective factors. If the defendant grew up in an abusive environment or felt that he or she was forced into committing a crime, then plea negotiations can commence.

A Good Criminal Defence Lawyer Knows How to Use Social Media 

Trial by publicity or by social media is very much a problem these days. Oftentimes, the saying that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty is compromised because of how much sway social media has over people’s perceptions. Unlike in the old days when jurors or the people involved in the case can just avoid looking at newspapers or the news so as not to sway their perception of the case, that is very difficult to do so these days. These days, the news will usually filter into social media which may not be fair to criminal defendants. In view of this, a good criminal defence lawyer can ask for a way to review the people who are involved in the case or ask them to be replaced if they had been exposed to outside information. 

A Good Criminal Defence Lawyer Is A Good Negotiator

Most people are not aware of this, but negotiation is one of the most important skills that a criminal defence lawyer should have. Not all cases go to trial in front of a jury or in front of a judge, and; this is usually the case if someone has a good criminal defence lawyer who can negotiate a deal to avoid going to trial. Sometimes, the client themselves may not be very cooperative and it also requires excellent communication and negotiation skills from the criminal defence lawyer to make sure that their client will cooperate and behave until the case gets a judgment.