The knee is your body’s largest joint and one of its most vulnerable to damage. It is composed of bones that can fracture or slip out of place, as well as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that can strain or tear.

Others require surgery or other medical procedures. Pain is also a symptom of a chronic ailment, such as arthritis, which gradually affects the knee over time. Oltram 100mg is the best painkiller that you are looking for pain behind your knee. It will ease your pain in just 30 minutes.

Here are some of the conditions that might cause discomfort in the back of your knee, as well as what you should expect if you have one.

Jumper’s knee

Patellar tendonitis is another name for it. It can occur when you jump or shift direction, like in volleyball or basketball.

These movements can cause minor tendon tears. The tendon eventually swells and weakens.

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Jumper’s knee is characterized by pain beneath the kneecap. The pain worsens with time. Other signs and symptoms include:

  • Weakness stiffness
  • Having difficulty bending and straightening your knee
  • Tendonitis of the biceps femoris (hamstring injury)

Injury in hamstring

The hamstring is made up of three muscles that go along the back of your thigh:

A pulled hamstring or hamstring strain occurs when one of these muscles is injured. A hamstring strain occurs when the muscle is overstretched. The muscle might fully tear, requiring months to repair.

When you hurt your hamstring muscle, you will experience sharp discomfort. Biceps femoristendinopathy is pain in the back of the knee caused by biceps femoris injuries.

Other signs and symptoms include:

  • Swelling, bruising, and weakness in your back leg
  • Athletes that run fast in sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, or track and field are prone to this type of injury. Stretching the muscles before playing can help prevent this injury.

Baker’s cyst

Baker’s cysts are fluid-filled sacs that develop behind the knee. Synovial fluid is the fluid that fills the cyst. However, if you have arthritis or a knee injury, your knee may produce an excessive amount of synovial fluid. Extra fluid can accumulate and form a cyst.

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Among the symptoms are:

  • knee discomfort in and around the knee
  • Swelling behind the knee, stiffness, and difficulty flexing the knee
  • When you’re active, your symptoms may worsen. If the cyst ruptures, you will experience a searing pain in your knee.

Baker’s cysts can sometimes disappear on their own. Steroid injections, physical therapy, or cyst drainage may be required to manage a large or painful cyst. It is critical to evaluate whether the cyst is caused by an underlying condition, such as arthritis. If this is the case, addressing this issue first may result in the Baker’s cyst clearing up.

Meniscus tear

A meniscus tear is a tear in the wedge-shaped cartilage that cushions and stabilizes your knee joint. Your knees have two menisci, one on each side of the knee.

When athletes squat and twist their knees, they might tear the meniscus. Your meniscus weakens and degenerates as you age, making it more vulnerable to tear with any twisting motion.

When a meniscus tears, you may hear a “popping” sound. The injury may not be painful at first. However, after a few days of walking on it, the knee may become more uncomfortable.

Other signs of a meniscus tear include:

Knee stiffness, edema, and weakness, as well as locking or giving way  of knee.

Oltram is the best painkiller that you can try with rest, ice, and elevation of the afflicted knee can help ease discomfort and speed healing. If the tear does not heal on its own, surgery may be required to correct it.

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