While professional players only play for money, most gamblers merely play for amusement. Of course, we can’t view casino games as an alternative to employment, a quick route to riches, or a means of relieving stress. Still, they may nevertheless provide players with reasonable winnings.

In this regard, it’s important to remember that the mindset of making money is distinct from the mindset of enjoyment and amusement and that Casumo is a top favourite in the UK. Knowing which games have the highest odds of winning is essential if you want to raise your chances of making more money than you invested. 

Every casino game has a house advantage, although some are more skewed in the casino’s favour than others. We shall look at casino games in this article from the perspective of wins. We’ll put fun aside and talk about the long-term revenue potential of these games.


Every slot machine from a reputable studio has a paytable. In most cases, displaying it only requires a mouse click. There are chances for full symbol combinations and extras like jokers and free spins. Conversely, a return to player (RTP) indicator, or theoretical payout rate, is provided.

Some casinos also release their real payout percentages, often once a month. It’s important to compare the two values specifically. In this way, it’s clear which of the available slots games are exceptionally profitable over the long run and for which the theoretical RTP rate provided in the paytable considerably deviates from the real odds.


The blackjack game version you select to play will significantly impact the payout and win rates that apply. Examples of variations with a lower RTP than traditional European blackjack include Ultimate Blackjack, Super Fun 21, Perfect Pairs Blackjack and Blackjack Surrender. A figure of 99.4% is the average in the traditional game.

Blackjack played at virtual tables is subject to the same reliance on trustworthy random number generators as gambling on slot machines. On the other hand, you may also utilise Live Blackjack if you want actual coincidences. There, neither the player nor the casino can affect how the round plays out, which is unquestionably advantageous.


Roulette games use random number generators (RNGs), much like slots, unless they’re live versions. While the regulations explicitly outline the winning odds for inside and outside bets and suggestions on specific numbers, the RTP can’t be changed. However, this game has the unique feature that you may select variations with a lower house edge. 

This typically amounts to 2.7% for European roulette, but players of American roulette get offered around 5.26%. Therefore, the odds of winning the European version are greater. Whatever the house edge, the sort of wager you make impacts what happens. 

The likelihood of winning if you purposefully wager on colours or even and odd numbers is about 50%. Odds for dozens and column bets are 33%. However, RNGs at online roulette tables decide where the ball will eventually stop moving. It’s even more crucial to ensure that an impartial inspection agency keeps an eye on these generators.


Poker is one casino game where the chances are wildly erratic since skill and luck both contribute to winning. Playing poker gives you more control over your chances of winning or losing. How you play your cards dramatically influences whether you win, even though you’re randomly assigned cards.

Before you play, make sure your skills are up to par because poker is more of a game of skill. You also need to look for a table that suits your skill level.

Live Games

Some suppliers additionally include payment percentages in this part, even though live tables depend on actual coincidences rather than random number generators and aren’t tied to them. Live Blackjack games have the greatest RTP of all of the traditional games, typically hovering around 99%.

The figures provided in the live casino aren’t based on a hypothetical return to player rate but rather on the real return to player rate, in contrast to slot machines and virtual tables connected to random number generators. Additionally, this is often measured monthly, i.e. 30 days.

Other Games

In a casino, the house always has the advantage, so keep in mind that these recommendations are merely meant to guide your decision-making. Just be careful not to exceed your spending limit or budget, regardless of the circumstance.

There are more and more alternatives to traditional casino games, like arcade games, scratch cards, video poker and, for some time now, unique crypto games at online casinos with still good winning odds.

Cryptocurrency casinos have substantial differences in their payout percentages. Overall, it has been claimed that crypto or arcade games can be a substitute for traditional slots and table games because it’s possible to outperform the casino.