I think you’ve probably stopped to ask yourself: how is it that Beyoncé manages to change her hairstyle so often? And Rihanna that day had her hair short and the next day she had her hair longer than usual? How do they manage??? Well, they change a lot of looks because of the Wigs, a concept that is starting to become known among women from all over the world.

After all, what are Wigs?

If you are not yet familiar with the concept of wigs, here is a definition: wig can be described as a kind of cap with additional hair which covers your head, scalp, and your own hair so that you can make as many hair styles as you want without damaging your real hair. Traditionally made of human or synthetic hair, headband wig human hair is an accessory that has gained popularity due to its practicality.

It’s important to remember that wigs aren’t just fashion: they’ve been around for a long time and have evolved over the years. Many people are adept at using it not only for aesthetic reasons, but for cultural reasons as well. But in the case of those who wear wigs simply because they want to change their look, they have the advantage of being able to have different types of hair without damaging the natural strands.


Types of Wigs

If you are starting to take an interest in wigs and feel like venturing into this world, there are some options you need to consider and understand about wigs. For example, the types of wigs and how they were made. I’ll quickly talk about the most common ones, ok?

Natural Wig or Synthetic Wig?

The first basic difference between types of Wigs is whether it’s natural or synthetic. This fact will point out several differences between your wig!

Characteristics of a Synthetic Wig:

Synthetic hair is usually made from acrylic or nylon strand fibers. Depending on the quality of the fiber, the wig can last for 3-6 months. If the fiber is of poor quality, it may be easy to tangle. In synthetic wigs, the style and shape is usually less changeable: to make major changes to the wig, you will need to wash and dry it with a few different techniques.

By the way, I think the biggest downside of the synthetic wig is that you won’t be able to change it much. If you want to use flat irons or curlers, for example, you’ll need to look for specific fibers that can go through these transformations. There are many high quality synthetic wigs on the market that are both beautiful and affordable.

Characteristics of a Human Hair Wig:

Natural human hair is of the highest quality, and because of that, human hair wigs have the highest value. But it is important to emphasize that the process of building the wig weighs heavily on the naturalness of it, so there is no point in having a poorly finished human hair wig.

Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic ones – some can last up to 5 years with proper care. They are generally thinner, but they can be styled with more mobility, that is, you will be able to dye, flat iron, babyliss… But this comes with a saltier price.

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Type of wig production: manual or machine-made?

The method of producing a wig also defines its type, and basically there are two methods: handmade or machine-made. A handmade wig is one where the locks of hair are hand-stitched to a wig. It is a more complicated job and the wig takes longer to be ready, but the results are more natural (because they are usually made to measure). When someone makes a wig by hand, they usually use a top of the type that can be divided the hair to any side, making the looks more natural. Because of that, this type of wig is usually more expensive too.

Now, a machine-made wig is usually cheaper. Machine-made wigs are generally synthetic. But, natural or not, in the case of machine-stitched wigs, the hair goes over a cap and is sewn in one direction only, which can give a less natural look than hand-stitched wigs. But that’s not the rule, there are lots of machine-stitched wigs that are super natural!

As a matter of fact, if you’re up for being natural, you can make your own wig. The key to for making natural wigs is the texture of the hair and the natural looking hairline, which is where a U part wig comes in handy. U-part wigs actually sound like this. A u-shaped opening allows you to skip a part of your hair that blends into the wig. You can buy them online, or at beauty care stores, or you can make one yourself.

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