Tragus earrings are increasing in popularity. This unique style has been worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and others. What are tragus earrings, you ask?

A tragus is a type of piercing which goes through the small area of cartilage that extends at the front end of the ear canal. Although it is less sensitive than other types, it is still quite painless. The process can be very simple and can produce some amazing results if it is done by a professional.

Tragus earrings are versatile. You can choose to go simple with delicate earrings or go bold and sparkly with big, bright earrings. There are many styles of tragus earrings that will suit your taste.

You can wear a variety of earrings in your tragus piercing. The most common type of earrings is small studs and hoops. Avoid choosing anything too heavy or dangly, as this could cause irritation to the piercing. The majority of people start with the studs and move to more daring options once their piercing is healed.

tragus piercing earrings

It is simple to pair tragus earrings with any outfit. Pair them with small studs from your other piercings to create a subtle look. You can make your piercings stand out by choosing a larger hoop or glimmering stone. Many of the styles we offer are subtle, but elegant. To create timeless styles, we pair gemstones with silver and classic gold.

Tragus earrings allow you to be more creative with your look, or create a contrast between your regular studs and traditional earrings. If you prefer a more traditional tragus set, you can choose a bold shape for your earring. Or you can make your tragus match any other piercings. Your tragus can be personalized with unique shapes.

When shopping for tragus earrings, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make sure the style you choose is comfortable. The second thing to consider is the material of the earrings. You don’t want to have your earrings cause allergic reactions.

Gold,Silver,Rose Gold tragus earrings

Tragus earrings are most commonly made of gold, silver, or platinum. If you have sensitive skin, surgical steel and titanium might be a good choice. These metals are less likely cause irritation. Also, ensure the earring post does not exceed 2 inches. An earring post that is too long can lead to infection.

Tragus earrings add an elegant and unique touch to any outfit. You can dress them up or down, depending on which style you choose. With a subtle or larger size, you can go delicate and feminine with your earrings. You can also choose something bolder to make a statement. Tragus earrings can be versatile and fun to experiment. There are many styles of tragus earrings that will suit your taste.

Explore our collection of Tragus earrings. There are many styles available, including animals and amazing gemstones. We also have birthstones. We are happy to assist you in choosing the best set of earrings for your style.