Are you going on a shopping spree? Yeah! Nowadays, getting health insurance for yourself is also like market shopping. Various shops like insurance companies provide you with different exciting products or plans for you. Insurance shopping also has price tags to choose from a variety of products. So let us see what all things you need to know when shopping for health insurance online in Switzerland.

A Few Mandatory Requirements

In Switzerland, health insurance is mandatory. Swiss health insurance is of two types. The Basic or Public, and Supplementary or the Private, and all the residents in Switzerland must have Public health insurance. The benefits of Health insurance are explained under the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act. That is why all health insurers provide the same benefits under the Public plan. In Switzerland, the health insurance premiums are to be paid by each person. These premiums do not depend on the person’s income, but they do vary depending on the health insurers, age, and the living place of the individual. A person is free to choose the insurance company with which they want to have their health insurance. And remember, one must have Basic health insurance within three months of landing in Switzerland.

Compare rates before getting health insurance

To get the best insurance best way is to go online and compare. Health insurance comparison in Switzerland gives you the prices and review of the insurance plan of different insurance firms.  The website is available in French & Italian. Once you decide about the program and confirm it, then you can pay for it in advance online and get your health insurance. The insurance company then sends an application form through email, which is to be filled by the individual. Once done, you have to pay the premium to the insurance company. But do remember the insurance companies’ premiums keep changing every year depending on the individual’s age, income, and place of residence. Therefore you must be ready before getting health insurance online in Switzerland because it will increase with time. 

Changing health insurance company 

Another fact you should know before getting health insurance online is that you can change your insurance company every year from October – November. However, to change your health insurance company, do plan it. Always keep an eye on cancellation deadlines to avoid any trouble. Delaying cancellation deadlines can cancel your insurance. Every individual has the right to change the provider of health insurance. 

What if you do not get any health insurance

You are thinking about what happens if you do not get any insurance? The answer is that you can’t escape from health insurance in Switzerland. Although there are certain exemptions, if you do not reach out to any insurance firm, the health insurance premium bill will knock at your doorstep after three months. Thus, it would be best to plan it out and compare health insurance in Switzerland and find that fits your budget and required features. 

The Health Insurance payment varies from region to region

Another important fact you should know before applying online for health insurance is that Switzerland’s health insurance policies differ from one region to another. You can also search for insurance in nearby cities and if they are cheaper than your city, choose that one. 

Age criteria

It would help if you always looked for health insurance age criteria before getting registered for it. Some firms provide an age limit while others do not; hence, check this requirement before applying as it will impact your premium amount.

You can also get a discount on Health Insurance in Switzerland

Before choosing any health insurance online in Switzerland, you should know that there are specific ways that can help you to get a discount on health insurance. Such as if you pay the lump sum of premium upfront, by bringing and registering other family members for the same health insurance plan cover, you can also get a discount. Thus before finalizing, find the ways through which you can get a discount. While comparing online, you can see all these as various options to select from. Go ahead and make as many comparisons as you want to, and only then finalize it. 

The Basic and Supplementary health insurance

Basic compulsory insurance does not cover a few services like orthodontic and dental treatment, as an example. Supplementary insurance is an add-on plan to cover your health insurance needs over and above covered by the Basic plan. Private health insurers set up premiums for supplemental plans; hence, they will carry a price tag and variation. Some features like you are allowed to go to private hospitals, get a room there, and get checked by a senior doctor are 

On the other hand, for Basic health insurance, the premiums are set up by the government. All the essential health care needs are covered as the government dictates them. Individuals can choose from over 60 public health insurance companies directed by the government. You are free to choose any approved health insurance company, and they are obliged to give you one. Therefore, do some homework before getting health insurance. 


Health insurance comparison in Switzerland offers you ease. So it is a yearly shopping you can do for your health insurance and with ease of going online comparison becomes faster, and study becomes comfortable. Do some good homework, be a bit vigilant, and have a good health insurance plan for yourself and within your budget. All you need to know is the above-discussed points, to begin with, your insurance shopping.