If you have ever been in a construction accident, accidentally slipped and fell, or got into a car accident, then you may need some representation and legal assistance. When one of these accidents happens, then you could work with an accident lawyer from Big Easy Accident Lawyer in New Orleans to help you get the compensation that you deserve. They are going to be able to help you with your case while you are recovering and be your personal advocate.

  1. Collecting and Examining evidence

One of the biggest responsibilities that a personal injury lawyer has is the collecting and examining of the evidence. They are going to have to collect all of the necessary evidence to help you with your case as soon as possible, it doesn’t matter what kind of accident you may have been in, from a sidewalk fall and construction accident to a car accident and a truck wreck. 

They may go out and hire an investigator to help obtain some of the statements of the witnesses, take some pictures of the thing that caused you the injustice, collect your medical records, and retrieve any surveillance footage of the incident, anything that would help you win your case.

When you are looking for a personal injury lawyer to represent you, make sure that you look for a firm that would not take shortcuts when it comes to these things. You are also going to have to remember that there are no fees, and they are only going to be paid back when you win the case.

  1. Represent Client at Deposition

Next up is the deposition. A deposition is a process of giving in evidence that is sworn and this usually is collected even before the trial begins. This way, the whole trial would go smooth sailing. 

This is usually much more relaxed, less stressful, and less formal compared to going to a courthouse. This is usually done at a reporting office where they are going to be providing evidence under oath. 

Aside from preparing you for the deposition, your attorney is there to attend and represent you during the deposition when it is time for your lawsuit. The deposition is there to help narrow down all of the issues in the case before it could go to trial, giving both sides a clearer picture of the evidence that was submitted on both sides of the case. 

This part is a crucial part of your personal injury lawyer because they are going to have to prepare you for it, be your representative, and attend it with or for you.

  1. Prepare and File pleadings

To bring the lawsuit up, they are going to have to prepare and file a complaint to the court that is applicable to your case. They are going to make sure that the issue has been joined and that the case has been added to the docket or the calendar of the cour. 

During this whole process, there are going to be different pleas and documents that your attorney is going to have to file and serve on the defendant or defendants for the court. They are going to be keeping in contact with you, helping you stay in the loop, and feeding you some information that you have to know. 

The job of your attorney is to create and finalize aloof your pleadings on your behalf since they are representing and advocating for you.

  1. Dealing with insurance companies

Dealing with uptight insurance companies could be stressful, especially when you are already under so much stress with all the trauma and having to focus on getting better. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they are the ones going to be representing you when they interact and negotiate with the insurance companies. 

They are going to be acting as your advocate from the time that the insurance company themselves are going to be conducting the investigation of what happened and invariability. 

Once you have your attorney, any representative from either the insurance company or the insurance company themselves would be prohibited to go and contact you themselves since they are going to have to contact your attorney directly. 

  1. Represent a client at trial

Last but not least, we have the trial. A personal injury lawyer would be representing you in trial with a jury in case you were not able to settle during the litigation process, so it is important that you get an attorney that has experience in going into trial. They need to be comfortable in front of a jury, and they need to be confident in fighting for you and what is best for you. 

There are a lot of things that you are going to have to consider when you hire a personal injury lawyer, and during the whole hiring process, you are going to have to make sure that they are able to do the duties and responsibilities and advocate for you clearly.