White granite worktops offer elegant aesthetics in your kitchen and bathroom and are a very popular choice for people looking for more openness in their kitchen. The most popular variants in the white granite worktops are Kashmir White, Platinum White, Imperial White, and Viscon White.

White colour is also the most compatible and goes well with black, brown, and grey cabinets. You can decide for any colour cabinets if you are going for a white granite worktop. However, the only disadvantage of using lighter colours is the visibility of stains as compared to any other colour.

However, if white granite is your first choice, then read on to find the advantages and disadvantages of white granite worktops to determine if that will be a good choice for your kitchen.

The Pros of White Granite Worktops

  1. Durability: Granite countertops are very durable as granite is quite hard and can resist abrasion. White granite worktops are also sturdy and can bear significant weight and can also resist weathering. Thus, they are a perfect choice for using in kitchen as it can withstand heat emitting from hot pans and pots without getting damaged. One of the major benefits of granite countertops is the coloration will not change over time.
  2. Stain-Proof: As granite comes with professional surface-sealing, it does not get stained from any spills, cooking or cutting food on it. It also doesn’t absorb liquids if it is properly sealed.
  3. Scratch Resistance: Granite is a very hard material and there are very few minerals that can scratch it. Though you can chop and cut on this surface, it is not advised because this could dull your knives and leave behind a metal residue that could be tough to remove.
  4. Lends a bright and spacious look: Using clean, white granite worktops gives a sophisticated look while making the space appear bigger and brighter. Therefore, using a white granite worktop is ideal if your kitchen space is small as that would give it a brighter and a spacious look. Also, if your flooring, walls, or the kitchen cabinets are in dark hues, then bringing in some lighter tones with white granite countertops would be a welcoming change.
  5. Heat Resistance: Granite does not melt or blister if it is exposed to heat. This stone is one of the most heat-resistant worktops available in the market. You can even place a hot pan which has just come out of the oven on your countertop without any harm.
  6. Fewer bacteria and lesser dirt: White granite worktops are sleek and without pores, and thus your countertop will remain free of bacteria and dirt. Even if you spill some sauce on it, it’s easy to clean it.
  7. Easy maintenance and cleaning: Cleaning a granite countertop is not tough. You can just wipe it using warm water, some mild detergent, and a soft towel after finishing cooking. So, when buying a white granite worktop for your kitchen, rest assured that it is easy to clean and maintain.
  8. Easily repairable: Granite can be repaired easily if required, but it actually needs repair very rarely. Being durable and firm, you can do all your chopping and cooking preparation on it. It is quite steady to handle all cooking procedures.
  9. Genuine natural material: Like you buy organic food, this material has no chemicals or additives. It is a genuine natural stone like marble, travertine, etc. They are taken out from the ground in their natural state and are then sliced into slabs that could be used in your bathrooms and kitchens.

Disadvantages of White Granite Worktops

White granite is heavy and thus, difficult to install. It is also quite expensive and every slab is a little different in colour or patterns from the others. Therefore, it’s tough to get a consistent and uniform look. Though this stone is known for its beauty and durability, it also has a few weaknesses.

  1. If granite worktops are not sealed accurately or the sealant wears off, it can absorb any spillage of any liquid like juice or oil, leaving a stain that could be impossible to remove. A badly sealed worktop can also be a breeding ground for bacteria in its pores. Most granite countertops require to be resealed every year. If this is avoided, then your white granite worktops would start showing signs of staining.
  2. Though granite counters are quite durable, in case a heavy object is dropped on a corner, then it can crack or chip off the stone.
  3. Also, white granite worktops are expensive and you need to shell off more than $100 per square foot of this stone’s countertop, and the prices can go as high as $250 too.
  4. Some white granite contains iron and therefore can easily oxidise or rust if placed near some wet areas.
  5. Also, stains are easily visible on the white color surface, which makes these countertops tough to maintain as compared to other types or variants of granite.

However, white granite counters have a classy and elegant look and can make any kitchen look timeless, more spacious, and bright.