The www wide web is facilitating a smooth and stress-free manner of living for humankind.

Saving of time, energy, resources, since the advent of computers and the internet, the lifestyle of the overall masses is up for a relieving spin. The tasks which earlier used to take a lot of time and human labour is now rendered within the fraction of time.

The need for a vast amount of human capital has been reduced with most of the routine and redundant processes replaced with automation.

Especially for the function of marketing, advertisement and promotions, the tide is the internet and social media-centric.

Advertisers now have to come up with the out of the box and innovative advertisement campaigns to charm the masses. Scope for error, bad quality products, defects, or any other impairment is nil through digital shopping.

Cyberspace enables people to have a broader range of choices as well as detailed knowledge of every product or service offerings.

The immersion of social media and its channels are growing immense in customer engagement for digital marketing efforts. It has prompted advertisement companies to make use of the latest technological evolutions as part of their strategies.

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Below mentioned are some of the latest terms in the scope of digital marketing that everyone must know:


The past days of just simple advertisement and promotions will not render the required website conversions.

Highly calibrated and focused efforts to float various advertisements according to the relevancy, context, and timing are the crux here. 

For several advertisements, automation and analytics are being made use of for precise audience attention and higher per page clicks.

The theme of this type of marketing is providing Right content to the right people at the right time.

This makes use of: 

  • The behaviour of prospects and customers
  • Extensive customers recall and engagement
  • Hyper personalisation
  • Relevancy
  • Geographical context
  • Types of the audience and their segmentation

The cardinal aim is to sell a valuable solution as an advertisement and promotional campaigns and not per se standard advertisements.


Also termed as the cost of acquiring customers through website visits, this total measures marketing spend over total front end conversions. 

As part of Specific lead generation initiatives, this serves as an indicator of the campaign success rate for lead generation. 

Just like Return on investment, this is another digital marketing term that measures the rate at which people get converted into customers once they visit the website. 


It is a new and upcoming term to locate people based on geographical proximity.

The strategy adopted here is to undertake ad and promotion efforts in central regions where people reside for their convenience and density.

Taking into account the location aspects in terms of culture, community, and legal sanctions, Region-specific campaigns are created. 


This term signifies the proximity of each keyword to each other as it impacts the chances of better searchability and clicks.

How close two or more keywords are to each other will enable the use of LSI for higher per page clicks and search engine rankings.

More close the keywords are placed, the higher the search engine rankings as more people will identify them easily worth website visits. 


It is something very new and upcoming.

Many companies, especially in the digital domain, are experimenting with their ways of making better their customer engagements. For this, a concept of look-alike audiences has been made.

It categorizes the existing customers into a category based on similar things they watch and have an interest in. For instance, people watching the same videos or purchasing the same or similar products. It enables easy recognition of their likes, preferences as well as ascertains reasons for the same.

Another instance in which companies try to find new people based on resemblance using percentage sample of people from the target country. 

For this, the data of the existing customers are gathered and made use, along with analytics for better offerings decision making.

Making use of existing customer lists, trying to predict their future purchasing behaviour as well as offering them realistic recommendations forms part of this as well. 


It is the rate of a percentage that shows the nil engagement of people when they visit a website. Lower this percentage, higher it will be suitable for the company in gaining better conversions.

Many website visits do not enable the establishment of an engaging relationship with the company as none of the appeal or relevancy factor exists in them.

Therefore, this bounce rate enables a company on the aspects it has to improve to gain nil percentage of this rate. 

Generally, the average percentage of this rate everywhere tends to be around 40 – 60%.  


The fight for the best and the most relevant keywords is the reason for the major competition in the digital domain.

As part of the efforts for gaining traffic and the highest ranking in various search engines, a company starts bidding for keywords.

Best and the most relevant keywords are bidded by companies and purchased for their websites.

This process is called as paid traffic as with those keywords, which are premium in quality, the traffic of the website increases and gains better conversions.

The type of traffic for which no amount of bidding or money is involved is organic traffic. 

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