It is no secret that there are many cabinet and drawer hinges available on the market. By default, they are designed to work with a drawer that has teeth at the front of it and a non-conductive core in the back of it. One of the many reasons that cabinets and drawer fronts don’t work well with softer close hinges is because they are not robust enough to support the use of soft close. While soft close can have serious drawbacks to function and durability, soft close cabinets are not recommended for every application.

The aim of this article is to introduce you to the topic of Soft Close Cabinet Hinges and the pros and cons of different types of hinges for soft close cabinet doors and drawers. While there are many hinges out there, the following are some of the most popular types of Soft Close Cabinet Hinges. Selecting soft close cabinet hinges furnica for your doors and cabinets is a great deal.

4 Common Types of Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

The following are the most common types of soft close cabinet hinges that you will encounter on the market.

Ø Sliding Wing Hinge

There are a few different types of sliding wing hinge out there, but the common one that you’ll see is the air cartridge type. These hinges have a flap that you can extend or retract that can be closed or opened by an air valve. When closed, the hinge can glide in any direction (able to be opened from the bottom up). When you open it, the hinge opens up the flap and closes the door. This is typically for cabinets that will be used for eating or drinking, but it could be applied to drawers or even sliding doors.

Ø Sliding Recessed Hinge

Similar to the sliding wing hinge, a sliding recessed hinge has a flap that can be closed or opened by a mechanical or electrical feature. When the hinge is closed, the flap is in position to slide into the slot. When the flap is closed, the hinges can be opened on a sliding motion. This hinge is popular for cabinet drawers or drawer systems.

Ø Single-Strip Wing Hinge

The single-strip hinge consists of a strip of material that can open and close on its own (with a handle). This hinge is the most common type of soft close hinge on the market. It is fairly robust and works well with both sliding and recessed hinges. It can be closed by hand or through an electrical button that you have installed.

Ø Sliding Insert Hinge

Another popular type of sliding hinge is the sliding insert hinge. This hinge has a lip in the slot where the flap folds out of the way. When the hinge is open, the flap closes and the hinge is closed by the lip. The mechanism that closes the flap is a bolt that goes through the flap and can be released by a lever or button. This is the hinge you will see most commonly on drawer systems. Soft Furnica cabinet hinges can be cleaned after a while.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that it really all comes down to how much you’re willing to spend on your hinges. Air cartridge hinges are inexpensive and easy to install, but they are only reliable in a limited number of applications. On the other hand, sliding insert hinges are more durable and more versatile, but they are more expensive. Once you have found the best hinge for your application, you are good to go!