You can lead a horse to water, but can you make it drink?

The U.S. Army first used military challenge coins during the First World War. Today, they’re used worldwide by both the military and civilians.

If you’re new to the game, you probably don’t know what you’re doing. Based on the premise that receiving one is knowing who you are, the challenge coin rules are pretty nuanced.

Here are the critical challenge coin rules that let you fit in with fellow challenging coin-wielding comrades.

Not Buying or Selling

Challenge coins have significant meaning and seriousness, so it is essential to understand and follow the rules. One core rule related to challenging coins is that they are not to be bought or sold; they are to be given as a sign of respect, appreciation, and recognition.

It strips away the coin’s value through respect, appreciation, and recognition. People who own these coins should take pride in them and understand the honor of being given one.

Never Trading or Loaning

A challenge coin is a symbol of great camaraderie, pride, and honor and must be respected at all times. They should be regarded as a symbol of unity and shared with other members of the unit, not individual people. Furthermore, coins should not be sold, bartered, or given away in the marketplace, as this devalues their importance and symbolism.

Challenge coins are proudly displayed by their recipients, and this particular rule reinforces the value of its symbolism. When presented, it is a badge of honor with respect and meaning and should remain such.

Kept Out of Public Display

It is essential to keep them out of public display. They are usually only to be gifted to and shared among members or presented to members in recognition of their efforts in a public or private ceremony.

Challenge coin rules typically state that it is against regulation for the coin to be displayed or sold in a public forum, as it may be seen as disrespectful to the unit, group, or individual it represents. Based on the size and its visibility, you may need to check out these tips to learn more about how to handle this challenge.

This rule also helps to maintain the exclusivity of the coin by not allowing the general public to have access to them. For members, handling and displaying your cash in “the right way” is also essential; this includes respecting its and others’ coins and not using them to purchase something in a store.

No Duplication or Mass Production

When it comes to challenging coin rules, no duplication or mass production is a very important one. Challenge coins are only valuable and carry the special admiration they do when each one is unique and hasn’t been made in bulk. Part of the tradition is that each challenge coin is designed with specific detail and a story to accompany the design, making each currency its work of art.

Be Aware of Challenge Coin Rules

Challenge coins have grown in popularity, practiced by people from all walks of life. To respect the tradition, it’s essential to know the challenge coin rules. From presenting and receiving coins to custom and etiquette, knowing the rules will ensure you participate in this tradition with respect and honor.

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