60% of Americans wish they had a larger, more spacious home. Unfortunately, large homes tend to cost much more than smaller, more humble abodes. As a result, many homeowners can’t afford to upgrade.

A more affordable option to increase usable space in and around your home is to get a shed. Sheds give you ample room to store belongings and free up space in your home.

The smart homeowner knows all about the different types of sheds before finalizing any construction plans. So take the next step in homeownership and read about the different types of sheds below.

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Shed Materials

When designing your dream shed, the first thing you need to consider is its material composition. The materials you use for constructing your shed will be one of the significant influences on its price and durability.


Wood is one of the classic materials used for backyard shed construction. Unfortunately, wooden sheds tend to be more expensive with the price of lumber nowadays.

Make sure to stain your wooden shed with water-resistant chemicals to avoid rot. Also, if you live in a fire-prone area, make sure to construct a metal roof for your wooden shed. 


Metal is one of the most durable materials you can build your outdoor shed out of. Metals such as aluminum or steel composites are some of your best options. Make sure to maintain your shed to avoid rust or corrosion over time.

Plastic and Vinyl

Plastic or vinyl sheds are one of your best shed options for affordability. They are lightweight, durable, and require little maintenance. If you are on a budget, they may be your best choice.

Types of Sheds by Style

In addition to your shed’s material composition and size, you should also factor in its stylistic design. Here are a couple of examples you can choose from.

Barn or Gambrel

The barn or gambrel style shed is a classic design incorporating a sloped roof design and country stylistic elements. It is an ideal shed for snowy climates due to its roof design. The roof also provides extra top space for a loft area.

A-Frame or Gable

The a-frame or gable shed is the most popular shed constructed in America. It also has a sloped roof, but the angle is less pronounced than the gambrel style. The triangular peak at the top of the roof gives this type of shed its name.


The saltbox shed is narrower and taller than other styles. The entranceway extends almost to the roofline, making it preferable for tall homeowners.


The studio shed is designed for additional indoor space on your property. It incorporates design features such as plenty of windows to let light in. Most studio sheds also have french doors.

Some studio sheds are designed for living or working in. They are large enough to accommodate things such as a bed or workbench. They also have more insulation and other homey elements than your average shed.


Storage sheds are designed for one purpose: housing and your items. They tend to be spacious but lack the frills that many other shed designs offer. Having storage buildings is a great way to free up space in your home.

Design Your Dream Shed

Knowing about the different types of sheds is your first step when designing your dream shed. Having a shed on your property gives you vital indoor space for you or your items without dealing with the self-storage industry. Use the information in this guide to design your dream shed today.

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