This article discussed the various kinds of Paint Rollers on the market and the best way to use them.

Are you planning to paint your home? Are you interested in knowing about the various paint rollers that are available on the market? If to the question yes, then this article is for you.

There are a lot of people in the world particularly those in the United States who are trying the task of painting walls themselves. To help those who are struggling we will look at what are the various kinds of paint rollers available today.

What are Paint Rollers?

Paint rollers are an application tool designed to speedily and efficiently paint large flat surfaces. A paint roller is comprised consisting of two components that are the frame for the roller and the cover for the roller. The frame is attached to the cover of the roller which absorbs the paint before transfer it onto the paint surface.

The painter utilizes the handle of the roller to perform painting. The frame is reusable. Although a covers for rollers can get cleaned or reused it is generally taken away after each use. Let’s find out how to use paint rollers prior to getting to know what are the different types of paint Rollers that are available.

How to use Paint Rollers?

  • When you are using a new roller sleeve, it is necessary to clean it out by soaking it with water.
  • Install the roller and frame.
  • Fill the reservoir near the bottom of the tray using paint.
  • The paint must cover approximately half of the roller when gently dip in the painting.
  • Then, you roll it around onto the ramp on the tray’s side so that it spreads the paint on the rollers ‘ covers.
  • Then, you can roll the color onto the your wall that is being painted. Use strokes to fill in the spaces.

Before you learn about what are the different types of Paint Rollers that are available Here are some guidelines to use when using a roller

  • When you’re finished painting the wall Lay off the wall using long strokes parallel to each other to level the surface. Since the laying-off process must be completed before the paint begins drying, working on smaller small sections is recommended.
  • Do not leave the paint on the cover of your roller exposed for longer than a couple of minutes. When you have a moment to take a break, wrap it in plastic wrap, and ensure that you wash it off thoroughly following.
  • It is important to use a gentle touch for rolling. Let the paint perform the job regardless of the covering you’re wearing.

What Are the Different Types of Paint Rollers ?

Paint rollers are available in synthetic or natural fibre. The choice of the appropriate coverings can make a difference. Be sure to consider the length of the hair on rollers. More rough surfaces require more long rollers. Below are the most popular types that paint rollers are:

  • Smooth Foam Roller Sleeves
  • Long Haired Mohair Roller Sleeves
  • Synthetic Fibre Foller Sleeves
  • Shorter Haired Mohair Roller Sleeves
  • Lambs Wool Roller Sleeve


When using paint rollers paint walls, selecting the appropriate one is vital. It is essential to make sure that the dimensions, the material and hair length is appropriate for the surface. For more details, refer to this DIY Doctors ‘ Guide.

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