There are many different types of dirt bikes, and each one is designed for a specific type of terrain or riding. Some dirt bikes are better suited for racing, while others are made for more casual off-road riding. Here is a look at the most common types of dirt bikes and their key features.

Dirt bikes come in different types for different purposes.

 Supermoto and motocross bikes are both designed for racing but have different traits. Other types of dirt bikes include trail, dual-sport, supercross, flat-track, enduro and mini bike.

What is a Supermoto Dirt Bike?

A supermoto bike is a type of dirt bike that has been modified for racing on both paved and unpaved roads. Supermoto bikes are typically favored by hard-core motocross riders because they can be ridden year-round, even when the weather conditions make it too difficult or too dangerous to ride a traditional dirt bike.

What is a Motocross Dirt Bike?

A motocross (MX) dirt bike is a type of motorcycle that was designed to race on sand or mud tracks. MX bikes are known for their superior handling, which allows riders to navigate obstacles and make sharp turns at high speeds. These types of bikes are not used as much in casual off-road riding.

What is a Trail Dirt Bike?

A trail bike is a type of dirt bike that was designed for casual off-road use. Trail bikes are favoured by riders who want to take their adventures off the pavement. Because they were not designed for any specific track or terrain, they can be used just about anywhere.

What is a Dual-Sport Dirt Bike?

A dual-sport bike is a type of dirt bike that can be used both on and off pavement. These bikes are becoming increasingly popular with casual riders who want to enjoy the freedom of riding in more remote areas. They are also gaining favor with people looking for a great way to commute.

What is a Supercross Dirt Bike?

A supercross dirt bike is an extremely lightweight bike that was designed specifically for racing in stadiums . These bikes are not meant to be ridden for extended periods of time or over long distances.

What is a Flat-Track Dirt Bike?

A flat-track dirt bike is another type of motorcycle that was designed specifically for racing on sand tracks. The only major difference between this type of bike and a motocross bike is the tires. Flat-track bikes have smooth, narrow tires that allow riders to navigate tracks at faster speeds.

What is an Enduro Dirt Bike?

An enduro dirt bike was designed for casual off-road riding on all types of terrain. These types of motorcycles typically have a larger engine with enough power to get easily up and down hills.

What is a Mini Dirt Bike?

A mini dirt bike is the smallest type of dirt bike and is designed specifically for children. These bikes typically have features like automatic transmissions, hand brakes and low seat heights. As with all types of bikes, it’s important to ensure your child knows how to ride safely before allowing them to take off on their own.


Dirt bikes come in all shapes and sizes because they are designed for different purposes. The type of bike you choose largely depends on your needs as a rider.  If you are looking for something to do casual off-road riding, you will likely want to go with a trail bike or an enduro dirt bike. If you are interested in racing, you may want to purchase a motocross or supermoto dirt bike. You can read additional information on