Today if you should go online and search “what are the best vape juice flavours”, you will find a thousand and one search results and the reason for this is simple. The results you will obtain online most of the time are restricted to a particular region or area. That’s why in this article, I will be telling you about the best vape juice flavours in Australia.

Tobacco vapes juices

These type of juices rapidly grew in popularity and demand because it is often demanded by smokers are who trying to transition from smoking to vaping due to harmful effects that come with smoking. You can find Vape Deals online that you can take advantage of when buying vape juices. This is also a great choice for anyone who loves the smell of tobacco.


It comes as no surprise that menthol flavoured vape juices would come second, because almost every smoker or anyone who vapes loves the minty flavour of menthol. Menthol flavoured vape juices tend to have that icy cool feel that everyone loves.


This is another popular e-juice flavour for Australians. If you love fruits then you are definitely going to love this flavour because it is sweet and it does taste and smell like Blueberry. If you naturally love blueberries then be careful as you might just fall in love with this flavour straight from the first puff.


The coffee flavoured e-juice finds itself among the best vape juice flavour in Australia not only because a lot of Australians love coffee but also because coffee is loved by lots of people worldwide. So if you prefer to take black coffee every morning before going to work then there are vaping liquids that can produce the exact smell and feel and if also prefer your coffee with milk, there are also vanilla flavoured coffee e-juices. So whatever the case may be, if you are a coffee connoisseur then you are in for a hell of a ride when you obtain a coffee flavoured e-juice. 


This is another very popular flavour. Some vaping brands are really precise with this particular flavour as some can narrow their accuracy in copying the watermelon’s taste making it no sweeter than a perfectly ripened watermelon. The watermelon e-juices have been tweaked to taste more like real watermelons. If you love watermelons then there is every tendency that you’ll love the watermelon e-juice.


Strawberries are sweet and a lot of people worldwide loves the taste of strawberries with an exception to those who may be allergic to it. And because strawberry is loved worldwide, the strawberry flavoured e-juice is favoured by many people who vape in Australia and the world at large. The strawberry e-juice is made to taste like a ripe strawberry and they are also made to smell like it. Do you love strawberries? Then you might want to give the strawberry e-juice flavour a trial.


Now, you have come to know some of the most sought after or popular vape juices in Australia, I’m sure you thinking of giving one, two, or probably all of them a trial but then you don’t know a trustworthy online store that’ll give you quality products and not all these cheap china products we find in the market these days then you should hurry now and visit clouded visions to get quality vaping e-liquids and products.