Come 2023, there’re lots of supply chain management courses to help you gain the skills and knowledge for success in today’s complicated business world. Examples of the top courses include:

  1. APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) – A cert program to help professionals boost their supply chain mgmt knowledge and career prospects.
  2. APICS CPIM Certification – Train in managing global supply chains, strategic sourcing and procurement.
  3. APICS CLTD Certification – For professionals aiming to upskill in logistics, transportation and distribution.

By investing in one of these courses, you can stay up-to-date with supply chain mgmt trends and advance your career in 2023.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Supply Chain Management Course

Are you looking to study Supply Chain Management? Consider these essential things to future-proof your career.

Accreditation: Check if the program is accredited by associations like the APICS by ASCM (Association of Supply Chain Management).

Course curriculum: Make sure it covers topics such as logistics, procurement and inventory management.

Faculty: Look into the years of experience, industry background, and teaching method of the instructors.

Flexibility: Check if the course offers delivery method, course length, and scheduling flexibility.

Career opportunities: See what career opportunities are available after the course. The best courses offer real-world connections and industry placements.

By considering these factors, you can invest in your professional development and future-proof your career in Supply Chain Management.


To sum it up, investing in a top-notch supply chain management course in 2023 can bring many career and earning benefits. Options are available online or as an executive MBA program. Choosing the right course can be difficult, so consider factors such as content, accreditation, cost, and study mode.

Joining the industry as a beginner or advancing skills to grow your career, taking a supply chain management course can bring a successful career. In the highly competitive business world, solid supply chain management skills are essential for success. As such, professionals seeking to develop their mastery of the field need to ensure they attend the best courses available. From our research, it is apparent that the top supply chain management courses in 2023 will be designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of global supply chains and implementing optimizations that drive value. Students will learn how to incorporate supply chain automation, predictive analytics, and other industry-leading technologies into their workflows. Overall, by attending the best supply chain management courses, professionals can gain critical expertise needed to create a seamless end-to-end supply chain, which can contribute to the success of their businesses in the years to come.


2023 will be a big year for supply chain management. Five top universities are offering brand-new courses.

  1. MIT has a free, online program called “Supply Chain Fundamentals“. It covers logistics and operations.
  2. University of Pennsylvania has a “Supply Chain Management Specialization” course on Coursera. It teaches learners how to increase value and create effective networks.
  3. Michigan State University offers a self-paced course called “Supply Chain Management: Strategy and Planning for Effective Operations“. It covers forecasting, demand planning, and inventory management.
  4. Georgia Tech has a course called “Supply Chain Principles“. It focuses on analyzing data, reducing variability, and improving process flow.
  5. Rutgers University’s “Supply Chain Management Certificate Program” covers sourcing, procurement, production, and distribution.

These courses give learners the knowledge and skills to succeed in this competitive field.