The software development industry is dynamic. Software developers and development companies keep exploring leading technologies to develop robust solutions. With the rapid technological evolution software development industry has been exploding, and more businesses are utilizing web and mobile-based solutions. 

Consequently, the US tech industry’s worth is expected to reach $5 trillion by the end of 2021 (present worth is approximately $1.6 trillion). However, the growth impact is not just seen across the USA as Asia equally contributes much to the development of the global IT industry. 

What is a software development tool?
A software development tool, often known as a programming tool, is a computer program developers use to create, test, debug and deploy, or otherwise support software or program. Software developers often rely on these tools to design and develop software applications based on project-specific needs.

Both free and paid software development tools are available for the developers. However, the free software development tools lack efficiency and have limited features, and hence, paid ones are a good choice.

Like every other industry, the software development industry also evolves with time, encouraging companies to offer many new and powerful tools to complement existing tools. More efficient software development tools create confusion among the users while choosing the best one. In this context, Let’s dive into the five best software development tools in this article.

List of top 05 software development tools


GitHub is one of the popular programming and development tools. We identify this tool as a git repository hosting service that works exactly like Google drive. It contains code and resources for worldwide projects. GitHub is open-source, which means anyone can contribute to the repository, search for relevant codes, and utilize the space to save their projects in a secure place. 


CodePen is an online platform designed for testing and showcasing user-created CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code snippets. Web designers and developers worldwide can show their coding skills on the Codepen. Moreover, developers can utilize this powerful tool as a learning environment and online code editor. It allows developers to create code snippets known as ‘pens’ and test these snippets before deployment.


Buddy comes next to the list of best program development tools. The tool embraces a pipeline model to perform smooth software deployment. For users, it presents distinctive functionalities to organize the pipeline according to the need. Buddy also comes useful in deployment as it allows configuration in around 15 minutes. 


Embold is a must-use and pioneering software development tool. Its mechanism deeply examines the source code to uncover the errors, which ensures the project’s credibility. Professionals can also utilize the pattern detection element and avoid coding defects. 


Linx is another popular low-code software building, automating, and hosting tool. Developers use it to host API, backend solutions without much groundwork and code. They can even host their software in the cloud and on-premise through integrated monitoring and metrics. 

The tool acquires 100+ inbuilt software development features to boost the programming process. Businesses willing to automate their processes should consider evaluating them. 


This article’s software development tools are reliable, efficient, and integrated with excellent features. These tools evolve and offer facilities to make software development easy with time. Before you pick any tool for the business, spend a good chunk of time analyzing your precise business needs. You can reach out to software development companies for step-by-step creation, design, and deployment of software solutions or products. These companies offer a wide range of software development services spanning top technology such as IoT, AI, and blockchain.