If your company has decided to choose a steel building, then the chances are high that you might have planned to buy a large steel or metal warehouse or storage area. No matter what kind of materials you might use for insulating your walls when it comes to the ceiling or the roof, you need to take a good look at the available options in the market. Cold formed buildings or steel structures need robust roofing materials with properly screwed or bolted connections. We have curated a list of roofing materials specifically brilliant for metal buildings. Let’s take a look at all of them one by one.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum is among the most popular and demanded metals in the world. You might not be aware that it is currently the third most abundant metal on our planet. Today, Aluminium is used for various roofing types of steel and metal buildings. Aluminum is an excellent metal that can be used in environments that experience harsh climatic conditions. Aluminum roofs are a great option in areas that witness too much salt and water damage. The roofs made from Aluminum materials can be coated, insulated, or designed in numerous ways. You can easily give it a fresh look that appears modern and edgy. Apart from Aluminium’s capacity to withstand harsh climate conditions, it can also be one of the most sustainable materials. Hence, it is a go-to roofing choice for many companies.

Zinc Roofing

Zinc roofing costs are slightly higher than aluminum roofing as Zinc is more expensive than Aluminum. Today, Zinc roofing has become a very trendy metal for roofing purposes because it has a lifespan of over 150 years! Just like Aluminum, Zinc offers the same benefits. It can withstand drastic climate change, corrosion, and extreme rusting. Zinc roofs also have high resistance and recyclability. Zinc is also one of the most lightweight roofing materials available in the market. Therefore, it saves construction and labor costs. You don’t need high-end logistics to transport it from one place to another. Due to its lightweight, you will experience an easy and quick installation process. Today, you also get the option of using Zinc alloy. It is more ductile and malleable than ordinary Zinc. Due to these reasons, Zinc has become the favorite material of modern architects. It is an excellent choice for cold formed buildings.

Copper Roofing

For many people, copper roofing is the best material to curb the appeal of any roof. But what do architects prefer copper roofing? It has a brilliant texture and has a very high resale value. Therefore, businesses like to use copper roofing on their buildings. However, apart from resale value and consistency, copper has more benefits to offer. The copper material has a high resistance to fire, air, and water damages. Many people claim that they haven’t replaced their copper roofing in 50 years or more!  Therefore it has a low maintenance cost. Copper roofing materials are also easy to carry and install. It is pretty lightweight, and consequently, it does not affect the strength and appearance of the building. Copper material is also great for controlling heat and cold within your building.

Stainless Steel Roofs 

The last material on our roofing list is stainless steel. It is also an industry-preferred material for roofing purposes. It has been used for roofing for decades now! It offers higher durability than Aluminium, Zinc, and Copper. It can withstand extreme corrosion for more than 60+ years! Today, Stainless Steel roofs offer excellent resilience as they can face harsh weather conditions. It also showcases low thermal expansion properties. Hence, it is perfect for areas that receive high heat during summers. Due to the low thermal expansion properties, the stainless steel expands or contracts due to any temperature fluctuation. It can be carved into a wide range of designs, and it is available in many colors. Therefore, it is the only material that offers top-notch design and durability. Stainless steel is also energy-efficient and recyclable. 

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