When you’re looking for the best programming languages to learn in 2022, you have to ask yourself what kind of “best” you’re looking for.

The most-used language or the one in highest demand? The one that most professional engineers love or the one that most engineers want to learn?

Does it align with your other interests such as machine learning or cryptocurrency smart-contract writing?

There are a lot of questions and a lot of languages, but only a handful of “winners.” Keep reading to find out the best in the industry for 2022.

JavaScript: The Most Common Language

For all of the best tech job boards on the internet, if you compare jobs by programming language, JavaScript constantly eclipses them all. The demand is high, the pay is pretty good, the language isn’t difficult to learn or use, and both websites and applications use its various frameworks.

On the point of frameworks, don’t get confused by thinking React.js or Angular are languages. They’re frameworks of JavaScript that have specific abilities that have been prewritten and defined into them.

Angular actually doesn’t use JavaScript, to be honest. It uses TypeScript which is a bit like what C++ is to C. TypeScript is an extension on JavaScript, so if you know TypeScript, it’s fair to say you have the same advantages a JavaScript developer would too.

Rust: The Safe, Efficient Choice

Rust is quickly getting a name for itself in the blockchain world, the IT industry, computer science, and more. An app integrates smart programming when it’s both safe and efficient, which are some of the most notable tenets of the language.

It’s built to be reliable and the code is meant to be safe. It also integrates with C++ well using CXX libraries that, according to the developers of the language, also don’t add any overhead or size to the libraries or runtime.

Python: Most Wanted

Almost everyone and their mother wants to learn Python, but it comes 19th this year on Stack Overflow’s list of top paying technologies. It’s fallen quite far, and is nearly 30% lower than both Rust and Go in median pay.

There isn’t a major demand in Python compared to JavaScript, but it does pay well in areas like finance, machine learning, astronomy, medicine, and pharmacology.

C++: C Is for Classic

C++ gets heavy use in the gaming industry, graphical interfaces, Microsoft products (including Windows itself), writing database software like MySQL and Postgres, web browsers, Google applications (like Chrome, Google File System, and others), banking and finance applications, cloud systems, and more.

Rust can do these and more, but C++ is already everywhere. Thus, someone needs to keep developing those products and maintain them.

Go: Directly to Employment

Go is a compiled programming language developed and designed at Google. Its founding team was Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, and Robert Griesemer. It’s similar to C syntactically but operates differently behind the scenes, much like other general-purpose languages.

It’s based on C’s syntax, but Python’s simplicity, and JavaScript’s usability.

It’s popular in blockchain implementation. Both the Bitcoin Lightning Network and Ethereum’s Geth are written in Go. It’s also great in data science and machine learning.

This is because it handles math more elegantly and with more capabilities than Python.

The Best Programming Languages

There’s no perfect language that does everything better than other languages. There are compromises, which is why there are so many, to begin with.

That said, having a front-end or back-end focus will help you find out which of the best programming languages to introduce yourself to and which to fully master.

Need to know what full-stack, front-end, and back-end are? Keep browsing our articles to learn more about what programming languages do!