As the name suggests, Video hosting platforms provide services to host videos. These platforms also allow users to upload, store, and distribute their videos widely by using them as a medium. Irrespective of these advantages, there are also many video hosting service benefits.

This article will provide more information about the benefits of using video hosting platforms that specifically deal with video content.

The most significant advantage of the services offered by video hosting platforms is that it makes users’ videos available in plenty of places without controlling them from one control panel.

Here are some of the benefits of using the services of a video hosting platform:

1. Better video security

One of the essential advantages of video hosting platforms is providing video content with the best security and privacy. 

Here’s how the video protection & video security functions in a video hosting platform:

DRM security to curb video piracy

A DRM or Digital Rights Management System is a means to enforce the rights of an owner of digital media, software, or devices. This additional feature of a video hosting platform nullifies or curbs the chances of any user’s videos being misused.

The Video DRM feature works on a mechanism by which a user’s video content is available to only those with convenient access. The DRM-protected video content has the workflow: uploading video files, encoding & encrypting them, transferring videos to a CDN (Content Delivery Network), making authentication requests, and unlocking videos for playback.

Therefore, the DRM System guarantees video contents to be secured, protected, and no longer accessible to just anyone.

Dynamic Watermarking & Screen Recording Protection

For protecting the premium video content of users, video hosting services have a compelling feature that restricts the risk of piracy. This feature is known as Dynamic Watermarking. 

Dynamic watermarking overlays identifiable information of users such as name, email id, and IP on the top of their video, thus preventing users from pirating video content using screen capture. 

Also, users get extreme video security through watermarking feature as it helps eliminate the feasibility of pirating video content from screen recording software. Thus, ensuring screen recording protection.

2. Customisable HTML5 Player to Match Branding

It is prevalent that videos simplify communication by attracting attention and providing more information about the user’s products. And video player customization is necessary to improve brand awareness & brand styling. But, with the limited features of the YouTube player, users prefer video hosting platforms that help them customize their HTML5 video player.

With customizable players, users can control the video, modify the player with branded themes & colors, and provide an interactive, personalized experience. In addition to that, users can easily customize it to match their brand, campaign, content, or personality.

3. Better Content Delivery With CDN

An effective video CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps a business deliver high-quality content at a faster speed with a minimal lag, no matter where the target audience of a user is or what device they use. Many video hosting services benefit users by providing an extensive and reliable network with servers everywhere they try to reach.

Also, the better the CDN, the higher-quality the video will be for the audience of the users as there will be less lag when a video is loading, thus giving a seamless experience to the viewers. 

4. Automating Workflows with Video APIs

Another massive benefit of some video hosting sites is that users can design & automate the video workflow for their websites with video APIs (Application programming interfaces). 

With APIs covering the most critical video action, users can automate the workflows by adding & customizing videos to their video hosting platform account and finally generate OTP for playback authentication.


Thus, video hosting services are essential for carrying out video marketing. And with so many compelling benefits and minimal issues, not choosing a video hosting service for any business can never be a good option.