There are some basic values and societal rules that you must teach your child. 

What are the basic societal rules that you must teach your child? There are several of these rules and regulations that you should endeavor to gently teach your child, so that he/she can be conversant with what works and what does not. At the same time, you should strive to develop your child’s social skills by encouraging him/her to participate in online hobby classes. Children will find numerous hobbies to do online and this will help them develop much-needed social skills simultaneously. You will find these classes available at Yellow Class

Some people may think that children usually learn about values and societal rules on their own or even at school. Some morals and rules are better instilled at a younger age so that they become a part of your child’s personality while he/she grows up. Here are some ways and means by which you can inculcate moral values into your children. 

  • Children should learn from those around them and hence you should teach good values to your kids by being a good role model yourself. You can explain values verbally but your child will only pick up those which he/she sees manifested in your own behavior and day to day life. 
  • Narrating personal experiences is another good way. Children love hearing stories from your life. Talk about how you upheld moral values or how you did not and how it impacted you overall. 
  • Good behavior should always be rewarded and make sure that your child is rewarded for good behavior. This will help in shaping him/her positively in the future. 
  • Effective communication with your child on a daily basis is always recommended in order to drive appreciation of moral values in them. 

Here are the key values that your children should be learning at a young age- 

  • Respect- Many parents make a mistake of teaching only respect to their children for elders but this is partially correct. Every individual, irrespective of social standing and age will deserve respect. This moral value should be inculcated from a very young age itself. 
  • Family- Your children should understand the value of family and you should give them a sense of this family which will help greatly in the future. 
  • Adjustments- Children should be taught that not everything in society will go according to their plans or desires. They should learn that they have to adjust wherever necessary. However, children should also know the thin line between compromise and adjustment. 
  • Helping others- Children should be taught to always help others wherever, whenever and however possible. Being empathetic to the needs of others is highly important in this regard. 
  • Respect for all religions- Children should be brought up to respect all religions and faiths along with diversity in thought, philosophy and belief. Teach children that everyone is equal irrespective of festivals, religion and beliefs. 
  • Justice & Honesty- Teach your children to speak up whenever they witness something wrong happening. Building up a sense of justice is important. Teach them to be honest as a non-negotiable rule and policy. 
  • Not hurting people- Physically and mentally hurting someone is a strict no-no as you must teach your children. They should also know how to apologize and make up if they have unknowingly or knowingly hurt anyone.