Mail-order bride service is a dating market of ladies seeking foreign partners for marriage. This service is legal and acceptable in certain states.

Mail Order Bride Services: Current Mission of the Dating Market

People from different parts of the world prefer to communicate using online services. Their use is becoming more and more popular at present. Many guys dream of a successful marriage and an acquaintance with a foreign bride. Therefore, men from China began to look for new ways to find a family partner. Since historical times, the delivery of mail-order brides has significantly eased the financial situation of Chinese gentlemen. Thus, they by no means stop on this issue.

The so-called “Mail-Order Bride” is a single and serious lady listed in the generally accepted marriage catalogs. She is chosen by a man for marriage. Back in the last twentieth century, the generally accepted tendency was for women living in underdeveloped countries to look for wealthy men in more developed countries. In the twenty-first century, this trend has been driven by online meeting places through promoted advertising. However, some matrimonial agencies do not qualify as mail-order bride services.

A number of the foreign single women listed in the mail order brides service come from Southeast Asia, the former Eastern Bloc countries and Latin America. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many Eastern European single ladies began to advertise themselves in this way. Mostly among them, one could meet from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and some ladies came across from Moldova. Foreign men who mention themselves in such publications are called “mail order husbands” although such men are less involved in this area of ​​”business”.


There are two strong historical roots for the mail-order bride industry. They have been originated in the 1800s on America’s border with other countries. The main reason for this was Asian workers and Americans who were on their way west across the United States. Those men were transported to work on the frontier. European-American men have achieved financial success in the migratory West.

Still, the only thing missing was the company of a wife. At that time, very few women lived there so it was difficult for these male workers to create their families. They tried to attract women living in the east. Some men even managed to write letters in church and published personal ads in magazines and newspapers. In response, the women wrote to the men and sent them their photographs; such a specific courtship was carried out in writing.

In those days, some single women were ready to marry men they had never met. Unmarried women wanted to change their way of life. They sought to find a stable financial cushion and see what another life abroad could offer them. Women of that type were single and some of them were already widows. There were also specimens divorced or fugitives from poor and abandoned regions.

International Marriage Agencies

Mail order brides work with international matrimonial agencies. An international agency is a kind of business that seeks to introduce single and even mature men and women from different countries for the purpose of marriage. Many marriage agencies offer attractive women in countries (such as Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, China, the Philippines and Thailand). 

International mail order bride agencies encourage mail order ladies to register for marriage services to ease communication with worthy men from the well-developed regions of North America and Western Europe. This network is often associated with dating sites that can offer their services on a larger scale for their potential clients under the regulations such as the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act.