What is a hybrid event?

An event, usually related to marketing, when taking place in both virtual and physical settings is known as a hybrid event. You can host hybrid events with the help of professionals in hybrid events services to achieve the maximum reach in terms of the number of people participating in the event.

There are many methods- webinars, live streaming, as well as a virtual space that will act as a reflection of the actual physical event. Considering the value provided, which we will see later, there is strength in numbers.

If you pick one approach exclusively, you are limiting yourself to an age where every company is enhancing their marketing capabilities, and a hybrid event company for your next event is just what the doctor ordered.

Is a hybrid event any different from a virtual event?

Chances are that you have not yet participated in a hybrid event. You’ll be well aware that virtual events need to be online completely. You will not find any physical venue for this event. In the case of a virtual event, the content is usually videos, comprising live streams as well as a video that has been previously recorded.

For a virtual event, all the participants and presenters have to connect on a common platform online. For this, you will need webcasting services as well as audiovisual equipment hire.

Compared to this, the hybrid event will have both online as well as offline elements. A hybrid event will have a virtual meeting place along with a physical space being set aside for the event for the participants to congregate.

The advantage, in this case, is that the participants get to interact among themselves while keeping a tab on the online presenters. Hybrid events have high flexibility, one of the major components of their rising popularity.

Reasons behind the effectiveness of hybrid events

  • Increase In Productivity And Attendance To The EventAccording to surveys done on the method, your event attendance will increase by 20% and productivity will see a leap of 27%. You may fear that physical attendance to the online program will cause chaos, but that is hardly the case.

Having a hybrid event helps you to reel in the attendees who would not be able to reach the venue. Similarly, the physical part of hybrid events ensures that passive attendees who live far away can also log into the event. By providing both forms of participation, you will see a significant increase in participation for hybrid events. 

  • Reduction In Technology Cost For The Event:You will need a lot of time and technological resources, not to mention money, to make a physical event successful. However, the virtual arm of hybrid events ensures that you snare a lot of attendees online, which more than make up for your outlay on the event. 
  • Data Drove Lead Tracking: When you attend a virtual meet, your registration, chat, log in, views and downloads, along with your shares are tracked by data experts. It can determine the number of people, individual as well as collective experiences, as well as the degree of each engagement. Post-event follow-ups are getting easier because of the inherent characteristics of hybrid events. 
  • Return On Investment: The ROI for hybrid events is delectable. Long after the physical part of the event is over and the live days are done with, the virtual event does not fizzle out and die. With careful and crafty marketing, you can generate leads for business that in turn gives you more chances for monetising your service or product. 
  • Sponsorship Changes: A lot of sponsors today are very keen on hybrid events because they recognise the inherent advantages of the hybrid model. Because of the huge reach of these events, it is popular with sponsors who could also chip in with virtual booths, along with product presentations on video streaming.

With COVID-19 travel bans and lockdowns in many countries and regions, a hybrid event is invaluable. If you want to get sponsors and speakers on board for your hybrid event, this is the best time for it. 

  • Flexibility:With recent times, disruption of plans, both personal and corporate are increasing in frequency. If you organise a physical event, to be attended in person, last-minute travel bans and restrictions will throw a spanner into the works, costing you a lot of money in cancellation charges.

Worst, your commitment to the event will be questioned. You can bypass all this with hybrid events. In the case of a cancellation, the event can go on via online participation. This is a classic case of not putting all your eggs in the same basket. 

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint: If you host a hybrid event, you will greatly reduce the need for catering, littering and damages to the venue. Hybrid events allow you to assuage that you are doing your part for the environment. With headcount reduction, catering needs diminish, which means less cutlery and napkins- a thumb up for the environment.  

After the dust settles, you shall surely find the business on better ground. With customer participation at maximum, both physical as well as virtual, you have been successful in plugging all the gaps. Besides all the advantages of hybrid events, you will end up having enhanced control of your finances, reducing the need to spring for treats all the time.

Scalability under control, you will be able to run things better, with strong community support behind you. Hybrid events are here to stay and the sooner you embrace them, the sooner you will discover their inherent, ambitious and flexible structure that gives you rich dividends along the line, provided you are meticulous and patient.