Worldwide there are more than one billion individuals that live in conflict with their disabilities. Depending upon what country they are within they may experience different problems of different nature.

These problems may include education, health care and even basic rights. Many countries tend to have various laws that tend to protect their social rights on the other hand there are also backward countries where such people may be subjected to violence and harsh discrimination.

Due to disabilities, many times such people are also deprived of their independence and may be forced to rely on institutions or other people. This often causes a high rate of human rights abuses and hence the need for disability laws. 

What are disability advocates and what do they do?

As the name implies, disability advocates are people who represent people with disabilities and protect their rights in front of the court of law.

The main duty of the disability advocate is to ensure that their clients are compensated for what they are owed and that they are not treated unfairly based upon their disability circumstances. Some of the things that a disability lawyer may do is:

  1. They can help provide information to people with disability and inform them of their rights under the law and identify the instances of discrimination as well as the actions that can be taken against them.
  2. A disability lawyer’s duty doesn’t just end at raising awareness amongst their clients regarding their rights but also includes assisting them in standing up for themselves and demanding their rights. They may help such people to take the necessary actions whether in spoken or written form and reach out to the organizations that can help them.
  3. Disability lawyers may help their clients in the negotiation process and help them to take the necessary legal actions that are required of them.
  4. They may help their clients with writing submissions to the government regarding the concerns of human rights violation and promoting the rights of such people. 
  5. They may also often participate in the campaigns for social changes where they may raise awareness for the rights of disabled people and what laws may need changes or updates. 

All of these may require a variety of skills that can include having the knowledge and experience of the following matters:

  • Disability lawyers must have disability awareness and the temperament of being able to communicate and support such people. 
  • Disability lawyers should have a deep understanding of how the Disability laws work and how to utilize the legal instruments and jurisdictions. 
  • Disability Lawyers must have an experience of carrying out complaints and applying human rights within advocacy. 
  • Disability Lawyers must have got negotiation skills and the ability to lead effective campaigns for such people. 

Most of these skills are obviously developed over time with a lot of experience working with various disability advocacy organizations. However one thing to keep under consideration is that Disability advocacy is not the same thing as counseling or making decisions for someone else.

The work of a disability lawyer doesn’t include mediation or case management either.

They can simply speak out for those who are not being treated properly or are missing out on any opportunities due to their disability. This also includes being pressured out of their jobs or being forced to make decisions. 


Disability may happen to anyone at any age. There are alot of factors that can cause disability, the most common ones out of which are pregnancy, cancer, mental health and so on.

Disability isn;t limited to any age or time, it can happen due to various circumstances. Whether it is a long term disability or short term one, you should be able to get your due rights depending upon what happened to you. 

People who may get disabilities within their work environment can sue the company to pay for their losses, likewise, depending upon your situation you can apply for these services.

The coverage may differ based upon the time span of your disability however it can still ensure that you are not discriminated against or left out of your benefits. 

If your disability claim has been terminated by an insurance company or wrongly denied visit a

disability lawyer today.