One of the most significant challenges faced by e-commerce websites is, browse abandonment by the customers. When a customer views products on an e-commerce site but leaves the site without adding any product to the cart, it is called browse abandonment.

The customers who leave a site without adding any product to the cart are like window shoppers. Just like window shoppers come to the shop and look at different products and do not buy anything, online-window-shoppers view products and leave the site without buying anything.

Statistics show that the average add-to-cart rate for e-commerce sites is less than 10%. To solve the issue of browse abandonment, retailers can use the information of the products the customers have viewed and shown interest in, to send them browse abandonment SMS or WhatsApp and entice them to return to buy the products they were interested in.

Browse abandonment SMS/ WhatsApp have high open and click-through rates as the statistics from the research show that about 40% of people opened links, they received through text messages while only 17% of people ignored the links.

Browse Abandonment SMS/ WhatsApp

Browse WooCommerce abandoned cart SMS or WhatsApp messages are automated messages that are sent to those customers who have visited your e-commerce site and viewed your products but left without adding any item to their carts. These customers can be your former customers or the customers who have given their mobile number to you via subscription. A Browse abandonment SMS or WhatsApp text can prove to be a very powerful tool to help you re-engage the browse abandoners.

There can be a lot of reasons for browse abandonment by the customers but it confirms that the customers were interested in the products they viewed and did not add them to their carts. Thus, retailers must have a cost-effective strategy to tempt the customers to return to their sites and make a purchase. This is where Browse abandonment SMS and WhatsApp messages can be very helpful.

Examples of Browse Abandonment texts

Sending automated messages can help you remind your customers of the products they have left behind. The browse abandonment SMS/ WhatsApp can help you cross-sell and upsell products by adding a product recommendation unit to your text messages.

Some browse abandonment text examples are mentioned below.

On-site messages can help the marketers to drive urgency by showing that the product is about to get out of stock or, adding an element of desirable stimulus to show the popularity of a certain product. These messages can prove to be immensely useful in drawing the customers to purchase products and eventually preventing browse abandonment.

Many e-commerce websites send a browse reminder text to the customers who leave their site without adding any item in their shopping cart and lure them back to the website.

How does Browse Abandonment SMS/ WhatsApp Work?

A customer visits your e-commerce sites and browses through pages and views some items but leaves without adding any product to their shopping cart. In this case, you can send a browse abandonment text or WhatsApp using the mobile number that the customer gave you via subscription.

Add an embedded link in your browse abandonment text message in order to direct your customers back to your website so they can continue from the point they left off.

Sending personalized messages to your customers based on their on-site behavior and adding essential sales factors like free delivery and review scores to lure the customers to make purchases can improve the performance of your browse abandonment SMS or WhatsApp.

You can use Whatso software to send these personalized browse abandonment messages. Whatso is a powerful SMS marketing software that can help you in boosting your sales and revenue by allowing you to send texts that can be personalized with company, name, and other custom fields.  Try a free demo today:

To improve your marketing campaign, you can use plugins like:

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3. WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery plugin

The WooCommerce abandoned cart reminder you can use to recover abandoned carts and increase sales is abandoned cart for WooCommerce. Another WooCommerce abandoned cart reminder you can use is abandoned cart pro for WooCommerce nulled.  

WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery plugin is a WooCommerce cart recovery plugin that automatically sends abandoned cart texts to the customers who abandon their carts.  You can choose the best abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce by comparing the reviews of the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins online.

Using the best abandoned cart plugins for WooCommerce can help you get impressive results. Abandoned cart for WooCommerce is one of the most used and best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins available for WooCommerce cart recovery.

Features of Browse Abandonment Text


Segmentation can help to tempt consumers to make a purchase and ultimately decrease browse abandonment. For example, e-commerce store owners can segment on the basis of the number of items viewed, age, gender, etc.

Personalized message

Sending a personalized text that shows the items that the customer last viewed, and recommends products based on the customer’s interests can increase the performance of the browse abandonment SMS or WhatsApp.

Consumer Reviews

Adding consumer reviews for products in your browse abandonment text message can help reassure the consumers about the products and increase the chances of the consumer to return to the site and purchase the product.

The Bottomline

Sending browse abandonment SMS/ WhatsApp can prove to be the most effective solution to reduce browse abandonment by online-window shoppers. Whatso is a powerful tool that can assist you in sending browse abandonment text messages to your customers. Whatso is an original and useful WhatsApp and SMS texting software that can help you boost revenue and sales of your business. You can send personalized messages using Whatso. These messages can be sent to over 100 countries.