Home automation is to apply all existing technologies within the home to facilitate tasks that previously depended only on the resident. Smoke sensors, electronic locks, and timers are some examples of automation.

Home automation will increasingly make smart homes like the ones in movies a reality in our lives.

To stand out from the competition, it is important to be aware of the main technological innovations and everything they can bring to customers.

In this article, you will see what home automation is, its advantages, and the architect’s role in this type of project.

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Advantages of home automation

It is not just the convenience and comfort that are highlighted in home automation. Safety and even sustainability are also part of this equation.

Check out the main advantages of home automation:


The first and most important of the benefits of home automation.

Even away from your home, you can see what’s going on inside and outside, using camera applications integrated into the home automation system.

It is also possible to offer security to people with a special need. In the video below, we have an example of home automation for senior citizens:

Practicality and Convenience

Today, with home automation, it is possible to operate a lamp while away from home or anywhere in the world.

Turning on air conditioning, garden irrigation, and a fireplace are other examples of what to do more easily with automation. All of this helps people to save time with well-being. Punch press is a also one of the good automation machin. Punch press is used to “press” flat sheet metal into a particular shape.

Home automation: air conditioning

What’s more, with the use of the so-called “internet of things” it is possible to program the GPS of your car or cell phone so that, when approaching your home, the air conditioning will be turned on, the coffee maker will prepare a coffee, and the garage door will open as soon as the car approaches.

Smart scenes                     

It is possible to program home automation to, for example, no longer touch any adjustment of the television remote control.

Pressing the “movie scene” key means that the environment will adjust according to the preference programmed in home automation.

Example: You have arrived at your home and want to watch a movie or your favorite series. When selecting this function, the home theater will be turned on, the shutter closed, the light off, and the room will be air-conditioned with the most pleasant temperature for the moment.

Saving energy consumption

Some devices and applications in home automation are capable of managing a home’s energy consumption.

With this functionality in hand, it is possible to detect where the biggest consumptions are and save energy rationally using home automation. Home automation can also make your home sustainable, reducing waste not only of light but also of water.