Many large indoor spaces that encounter high numbers of traffic are likely to use acoustic partition walls. They are crucial in keeping the layout of a building effective and flexible, so your indoor space can become a versatile asset that is capable of a variety of functions.

If you’ve never stumbled across moveable walls before, and would like to know a little more about what they’re all about, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog we will detail how useful they are, and if they could benefit your indoor area.

What they’re used for

Before we highlight the uses of acoustic partitioned walls, we should first explore the benefits of a standard partition wall.

Moveable walls provide a facility with a flexible space that can be changed as and when required. These walls can be moved to create a much larger space, or something smaller and intimate. Sliding walls can quickly change the layout of your area, with minimal hassle or fuss. This is perfect for busy areas in constant use, that can be altered to a larger or smaller meeting or presenting space, for example, on-demand.

Acoustic partitioned walls perform the same function, except they have an added quality that’s worth noting. The clue is in the name. These acoustic mobile soundproofing panels ensure that minimal to no noise is passed through these structures, again ideal for spaces with a lot going on. This means, that in an office space, for example, meetings can take place in private, and employees can continue to work without being distracted.

How they’re installed

If you trust an expert, like the ones from AEG Partitions, then your concertina walls will be installed in next to no time. Your bespoke size will either be fitted as a centrefold or end fold structure, depending on where you want your walls to fold out to. Each panel will be attached to secure tracks at the top and bottom of the wall, ensuring that they can smoothly and safely slide to the position you need them to be.

But you needn’t worry about doing this process by yourself! There are many companies out there that specialise in movable walls, just like AEG Partitions, that can perform the hard work for you. You shouldn’t be concerned about an extended period of downtime while the area is out of use, as a skilled team of engineers will be able to quickly set up your new solution with ease.

The advantages

There’s a reason why sliding walls are so popular in a variety of indoor settings. Whether you’re based in an office, educational facility, healthcare building or anywhere else, they could well be the option for you. If you’re still not convinced, here are some advantages of moveable walls.

  • Offer privacy in a large area – do you need to host a private meeting or presentation? These walls allow you to create an intimate setting with minimal distraction.
  • Make the most of the space you have – by dividing a large space up into smaller areas, you can better utilise an otherwise wasted region with activity that may not have been possible with an open space.
  • A strong solution – Acoustic partitioned walls keep sound flow to a minimum, this means that group learning in an educational facility, for example, can take place whilst causing minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Are acoustic partitioned walls for you?

Now you know a little more about acoustic partitioned walls, do you think your indoor space could benefit? If so, waste no time in getting in touch with the experts with any questions you have. Those at AEG Partitions will be happy to take your call and discuss your bespoke requirements with you.

With many years of experience in the area, they can quickly install your required solution with minimal downtime. If you’d like to get in touch with them today or find out more, be sure to visit their website.