Sleep patterns are heavily influenced by your breathing and one of the best ways to help improve your sleep patterns is by using breathing exercises. Breathing exercises for sleep help to relax the mind and ensure that you fall into a deep and restful sleep. Some may not struggle with falling asleep but may find that they are not falling into a deep and restful sleep, which often leads them to wake up feeling tired and sluggish. There are numerous breathing exercises for sleep that can be used to improve these patterns! The following is a look at a few bedtime breathing exercises to use. 

4-7-8 Breathing Technique

The 4-7-8 breathing technique helps the mind and body to focus on the actions of inhaling and exhaling, forcing your body to push out thoughts that may cause stress. When it comes to breathing exercises for sleep, this technique is extremely beneficial, particularly for those who struggle with anxiety-provoking thoughts that keep the mind active. To begin, close your mouth and breath in through your nose, counting to four as you do this. You are then going to hold this air in your lungs for seven seconds, focusing on how your diaphragm has expanded. You then breathe out through your mouth for eight seconds, forcing the air out as you exhale. This should help to clear your mind while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in your lungs. 

Bhramari Pranayama Breathing Exercise

The bhramari pranayama breathing exercise, or bee breathing, is a great technique to help calm your mind and rid your body of anxiety and stress. Start by sitting in a position that is comfortable with your back straight. Block your ears using your index finger, do this by pushing the cartilage that sits between your cheek and your ear in. Then you can breathe in deeply through your nose and when you exhale make a humming noise, one that sounds a bit like a bee. As you breathe out, feel the way your body reacts and the sensations that this sound makes on your lips. You can repeat this a few times! This is one of the best breathing exercises for sleep if you struggle to fall into a deep sleep! 

Three-Part Breathing Exercise

When doing the three-part breathing exercise, you will need to focus on using your diaphragm and chest to fill your lungs! This exercise is great because it puts focus on using different parts of the body to help inhale air, forcing your body to concentrate and work on the action of inhaling. As breathing exercises for sleep are meant to help you develop a sense of relaxation, pushing anxiety-provoking thoughts out, this is a brilliant technique to use! 

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