Have you heard of Whaling Days? Do you know when the Festival will take place? The blog below will give you all the details. Every year, the whaling Festival is celebrated. This Festival is very popular in the United States.

We’ll be discussing Whaling Days 20022, as well as the dates for the Whaling Days celebration. Check out the blog for more details.

Whaling Days Festival – 2022:

All of you have been waiting, and now it is. The Whaling Festival opened on the final day. The Board of directors of Silverdale Whaling Days has previously set the dates of the Whaling Days celebration for this year. It started Friday, July 29, with a continuation through Sunday, August 31.

The Whaling Festival has kicked-off with Fireworks at Dusk on Friday, 29 July. Silverdale will offer food, live entertainment, and other events on this special day.

On Sunday, July 30th, the Fire Work festival will be continued with many fun-loving activities. These activities include live music, children’s activities, parade, street fairs, and more.

The Festival will end on Sunday, 31 July. This day will conclude the Festival. It will include fun-loving activities. The last day features live music and duck races. The whole three-day Festival is full of entertainment and joy.

Details on Whaling days 2022:

Whaling Days Weekend this year has more entertainment and fun. The festival runs for three days and began on July 29. This festival is family-oriented, fun-loving, and fun-oriented.

The Whaling Days festival, which is non-profit and run entirely by volunteers, is an annual event. The Old Town Silverdale is the venue for this Festival. This Festival was started in 1974. Each year, almost a thousand people join the Festival with their families.

All about Whaling Days Festival 2022.2

Whaling Days Festival is an annual family-oriented, non-profit festival. The Whaling Days 20022 uses community funds to support scholarships and non-profit organizations. While the Festival is exciting, there are many more things to do. This year’s Whaling Days 2022 will feature a Firework Show at dusk on Saturday, 29 July, and concludes on Saturday, July 31, 2022.

Summing up:

Whaling Days is back this year with lots of entertainment, joy-seeking activities, and fun.

This article includes all details regarding Whaling Days 2022. It also contains additional information about the Festival’s activities.