You have a variety of playground flooring alternatives, such as rubber mulch or a wet pour playground surface. Both of these options would look fantastic on your playground. They’re also a safe solution for flooring that complies with UK health and safety laws.

The Distinction

Wet pour surface is made out of bound-together recycled rubber granules. A continuous coloured safety surface is laid around your playground on two levels.

Rubber mulch is formed of shredded rubber, as the name implies. Used vehicle tyres are shredded to form a long-lasting water permeable surface. It has a similar appearance to bark chippings but requires less upkeep.

There are pros and downsides to adopting any safety surface for your playground project; here, I’ll go over some of the advantages of using rubber wet pour on your school playground. From beauty to the all-important safety on your playground, there’s something for everyone.

Your School’s Playground Will Appeal to Mothers and Kids

Whether you’re the owner of a nursery or the business manager of a school, you want your play garden or playground to be the talk of the town. It is, after all, the first thing that prospective customers or school parents notice when they visit your school.

The rubber surface is available in a variety of wet pour colours, styles, and sizes to wow your guests. Not only that but the colours and forms are fantastic for igniting children’s imaginations.

Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

Wet pour rubber surfaces are safe for children of all ages? When it comes to a safety factor, resin-bound rubber surface is unrivalled; it’s readily adaptable to varied equipment heights and may be wrapped around any piece of machinery.

The edge profile may be readily modified during installation to avoid tripping hazards, and it looks great after it’s done.


There is a large selection of wetpour graphics including anything from hopscotches and numerals to 3D sharks and crabs. All of this has a huge impact on children’s education. The playground is the finest place for kids to learn, and now they can with our wet pour graphics.

Suitable for Various Weather Conditions

Finally, a surface that can be used throughout the year. Wet pour is porous, which means water may pass through it. So, with the correct sub-foundation (beneath the rubber), you won’t have to worry about drainage issues again, and you’ll be able to utilize your surface all year. This is why several nurseries have constructed their whole nursery grounds with rubber.

Every Youngster Will Have a Good Time

Wetpour’s firm, smooth surface makes it readily accessible for youngsters with mobility issues, and it’s also a great option for wheelchair users. There will be no more unused space!

For creating an all-weather playground environment, select UK wetpour experts with experience in playground surfacing.

Wetpour is incredibly porous, it’s a fantastic surface for usage in places that are often wet, swampy, and inaccessible for most of the year, enabling schools to maximize their playground space for outdoor learning and play.