Do you see everyday people playing reels in space? Are you looking to be played on April Fool’s day?

The Canada company, which is a subsidiary of the Canadian Aircraft Company, announced that it will fly passengers into space in just 32 days , from Toronto up to Mars, Pluto, and Saturn using its latest Boeing 787-9,000X.

Here’s the news story concerning the reliability of Westjet flights into Space.

Information about Westjet Space flights

On April 1, 2022 Westjet has announced their human spaceflight plans via social media. It has created an exclusive spacecraft called WestJet-X to ensure safety and comfort of passengers. The X symbolizes space.

WestJet is convinced that human space flights aren’t just for astronauts or billionaires which is why they have reduced costs of flight by 50% in comparison to their rivals’ prices. It has also set an lower cost of $500,000 per person.

However, it’s only an April fool’s day joke. Find out more about it here.

The reason Westjet flights towards Space have been in vogue?

Since Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Musk’s SpaceX as well as Bezos’ Blue Origin started their space explorations that have developed the belief that everyday people can be in space. Therefore, reaching the skies is possible by these commercial flights.

Even people were attracted by this particular space exploration through spending a lot of dollars.

And Amazon company Bezos’s founder’s space trip sparked the interest of people. The idea of a space voyage for humans was ingrained in the minds of the minds of people. Today, it is an aviation-related trend setter in the world of social media.

The availability of services

Westjet flights to Space will provide various amenities to passengers during their space voyage. They offer a variety of galaxy-themed excursions with a reasonable price and specially designed aisles that are suitable for travel. They also offer one-way tickets to take you on a space trip.

They have widened their offerings by providing a variety of snacks and soft drinks throughout the journey.

The spacecraft comes with wi-fi connectivity and on-board entertainment options that include Planet of the Apes movie.

Also, we have arranged for accommodation facilities for passengers prior to boarding space flights, offering all-inclusive economical and low-cost accommodation packages.

Discussions about the news of an announcement about a space mission

When Westjet Space Flights Space announced the announcement on April Fool’s day this makes us confirm the credibility of the announcement. We will look at the reasons what the reason is for this to be a prank?

They claimed that they were travelling toward Saturn, Pluto, or perhaps another galaxy to begin with. However, can a normal Boeing journey to an alternative galaxy separated by millions of AU could be operated?

The most significant aspect is that they mentioned the cost for a single-way ticket, but did not mention the two-way travel; every journey must be both upwards and downwards, which is why this ticket is a boost to the likelihood of us speculating on the announcement.


A few people believed that Westjet flights to Space proved to be an valuable one; however, some don’t because the program doesn’t give full details on the classes, their the eligibility criteria, etc.

It’s an everyday booking of flights. It would be great to see WestJet could address the problems.

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