Are you looking for a place that can care for your four-legged friend and groom them? Many pet grooming centres offer excellent services to dogs and other pets.

Westinn Kennels, one of the most well-known centers in the United States claims to provide the best training and grooming services for your four-pawed companions. With so many centres available, it can be difficult to determine if the place you are considering is legitimate. Also, don’t forget the Westinn Kennels reviews.

What’s Westinn Kennels?

Westinn Kennels provides day care for dogs and puppies in the United States.

This centre offers daycare, grooming and other services to dogs. The centre also provides assistance with dog care and participation in various training and game sessions.

Is it legit? We provide detailed information about the Westinn Kennels reviews in these sections. Please scroll down.

Services offered By Westinn Kennels

Westinn Kennels offers many pet services including:

  • Training: Here, dogs learn different training methods to develop obedience, agility and nose work.
  • Dock Diving– This package includes swimming lessons, aquatic agility, and dock diving services through private and rental pool.
  • Grooming Westinn Kennels offers grooming, which includes trimming the nails, styling and bathing.
  • Pet Products — The Westinn Kennels reviews website offers other pet products, such as shampoo, rental pool, grooming packages, and more.

Are Westinn Kennels Licensed?

A few criteria are necessary to verify the legitimacy of a website. These parameters are:

  • The website boasts a trust score of 86%.
  • The website has a trust score of 75.5/100.
  • It is also legit because the domain was established long ago on 19 July 2000.
  • The website design is clear and professional without any grammatical mistakes.
  • It has been awarded an A+ rating.

These criteria indicate that the website appears to be legitimate and not a fraud. We will however check the customer reviews and ratings.

Westinn Kennels reviews submitted by customers

Customers have left mixed reviews about the website. One customer review complained about the inability to book, while others highlighted the reasonable pricing. It is rated 2.5 stars on the Internet.

Final Conclusion

Western Kennel is the perfect place for your dogs to go for a grooming and training session. Aside from all these parameters, the website seems legitimate and authentic.

Before you try their services, we recommend that you conduct your own research. Find out more about Westinn Kennels.

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