Are you aware of the new-invented shopping portal’s strings? Take the time to carefully analyze this website in order to reach an impartial conclusion.

Properly placed decorative items will complete a home. Many United States citizens believe that homes look dull without furniture. could also be an option if your search was for furniture online. Here are some ways to uncover the truth about this website. Let us now talk about the Wotief Shop Scam, to inform shoppers.

What is The False?

Below is a rough estimate for your website. Please read the following article to find out all about it.

  • trust rank – The portal achieved a 58.9/100 trust rank.
  • Domainage — According to our findings the store is only 3 days older than it should be, which means that its registration date could be 30-03-2022.
  • Policies Included– This information does not include the return policy details.
  • Alexa Rank – does not have an Alexa Rank.
  • Trust Score The Wertief Shop Reviews saw that the portal received a score of only 1%.
  • Discounts proposed– doesn’t offer untrustworthy coupons to its customers.
  • Website Closing Date– The site’s closing date is 30/03/2023.
  • Duplicity Observed — The website’s writings contain a lot of plagiarism.
  • Customer Comments. We have not seen Trustpilot reviews for this website. Similar to the previous, there are no consumer comments on the website.
  • Street Address Validity — The street address may be authentic, but the firm’s footprints are not found.
  • Social Network connections – The icons are there, but their links have been broken.
  • Owner’s Title Upon discovering Wurtief Shop Scam threads on the internet, we discovered that they didn’t include any connected strings.


During our inspection, we discovered that was selling home essentials products.

  • Refrigerators
  • Tea Kettles
  • Sofa-chair sets
  • Mixers on Stand
  • Gaming monitors

There are also many other products listed in this online store. provides premium quality products at an affordable price. Let’s move on to the bottom section. There are some related strings that will take you to the portal.

Demonstrating Some Specifications For

  • The accession link to this e-store is
  • As per the Wotief Shop Scam strings. We found that Kettles are, Freezers, and Ladders were being traded over this site.
  • users had 30 days to return.
  • There are several payment options on the site, including PayPal and American Express.
  • Customers may choose to receive free shipping
  • 30-03-2022 marks the registration date of This implies that it is 3 days old.
  • The given mail address is [email protected].
  • The delivery policy strings lack.
  • The newsletter option was spotted by us.
  • 2665 Lenox Dr. Gainesville Georgia, 30507 .
  • We’ve not found any information regarding refund policies through the Wotief Shop Scam threads.
  • The phone number does not exist.
  • The social icons have been chosen.
  • Their exchange policy states that customers can return the item to be replaced with a different product.

What Profits Can Be Noticed?

  • Attractive value for trust rank is 58.9/100
  • We identified the free shipping option.
  • An e-mail address and location details are also available.

Is Your Portal Defective or Not?

  • The contact phone number has not been found.
  • The links do not work
  • Our algorithm saw a mere 1% trust score.

What Are The Wertief Shop Reviews Implying?

Survey results from its customers haven’t revealed any real feedback about the site or Trustpilot. In addition, the portal appears to be inactive on various social media platforms (including Instagram, Facebook and etc.). It has a low trust score which can make online shoppers feel unsafe.

Its interface is also quite similar to other suspicious sites. We suggest that you take some time to wait for real reviews about

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Final Words

This article will examine fraud threads.