A weighing bridge/scale is an essential piece of equipment for the day-to-day needs of many industries. Weighing large vehicles or train container has become a lot easier for workers, with the help of innovations within weighing technology. Gone are the days when people have to weigh a vehicle manually, advanced technology has nowtaken weighing to a new level; it’s now faster, more accurate and automatic.

If it weren’t for these scales, how would we weigh such huge vehicles and trains, with the utmost accuracy? Variousscales and weigh bridges are available on the market to weigh, monitor andanalyse the necessary vehicles and report back accurately. However, imagine if you could weigh your transport truck, mining truck, or train without stopping completely or even at a decent speed. It would naturally give a huge boost to the timely undertaking of production, and supply chains.

To make this possible Trakblaze created an advanced weighing system, known as a weigh-in-motion weighing system. Unlike any other weighing systems, weigh-in-motion can weigh a vehicle while it is still in motion;the vehicledoesn’t need to stop completely for weighing. It is an incredible andtop-rated weighing solution for a range of industriesaround the world, who needs to weigh their road and rail vehicles. It is a significant advantage over a traditional weighing system.

Weigh-in-motion offers a cost-effective solution to organisations by monitoring the weight of vehicles as they travel over a highway, or across a mining site. There are many benefitstoa weigh-in-motion system, such as they increase productivity, efficiency, instant identification of overload, comprehensive reporting and are also very cost-effective.

Trakblaze PTY LTD manufactures two different weights in motion systems – Road weigh-in-motion and Rail weigh-in-motion – to meet the specific requirements of those particular vehicles and industries, while keeping roadways and railways safe.

Weigh-In-Motion – Railway

It is crucial to ensure that the rail wagons are safe and balanced before transportation. This is where you need to rely on rail scales and their data to ensure the wagons are safe. With over 88 years of experience inweighbridges, Trakblaze has developed a highly accurate and reliable weigh-in-motion solution for railways. This will allow trains to be weighed at a speed of up to 80kph, and then return accurate data.

Trakblaze offers two different weigh-in-motion solutions for railways – Infinity low speed and Infinity high speed.

Infinity Low Speed:This weighbridge ideal for weighing slow-speed trains (up to 15kph), especially in mining. With this, you can get wagon and bogie data in real-time,and the best thing about it is, it can be installed even in a curved track.

Infinity High Speed:As the name suggests,it’s capable of weighing trains at a high speed (up to 80 kph). It uses highly reliable and accurate load cell technology, so you don’t have to worry about the data being inaccurate while weighing in such a high speed.

Weigh-In-Motion – Roadway

Similar to railways, Trakblaze offersa weigh-in-motion solution for roadways.

Force 1 (Truck Axle Scale):  A specially designed weigh-in-motion weighbridge to reduce the weighing space and doesn’t require considerable space to install. It is designed to record axle weights, and gross vehicle weights as vehicles drive over the scale placed across a concrete road. Force 1 can provide highly accurate weighing data of a vehicle in motion up to 12Kph.