You need to know about wefts if you want to change your hair style drastically. Wefts are a type of hair extensions that give you a new hairstyle instantly like a wig does but unlike wigs they aren’t temporary. Wefts are bundles of hair that are sewed into your natural hair while wigs are like a cap, which has hair attached to it. Unlike wigs, wefts cannot be taken on and off. If you get good quality wefts for your hair they can last you up to two years.

Wefts are a good option for you, if you want to change your hair style more permanently than what a wig will do for you. They can add much needed length and volume to your hair to give it an amazing look. They are also more secure compared to a wig as they are sewn onto your natural hair.

To install a weft your natural hair is first braided down and then the weft is sewn onto the braids. This process can take about 4 – 5 hours. But it’s definitely worth the effort once you see the results. Wefts also give a relatively more natural look as they work with your natural hair, while a wig can definitely be spotted easily.

One requirement of weft is that since wefts are attached to your natural hair, so to install wefts its necessary that your hair isn’t too short or you have not lost majority of your hair. In this case, the best option would be a wig as it covers the whole scalp.

Wefts made from natural hair can even be straightened or curled with an iron, just like you would do to your own hair. This way you can make different styles on your weft while you avoid damaging your natural hair by the application of heat.

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