Getting your wedding invitation cards printed is a special feeling. You are now ready to tell the world that you are taking an important step in your life and about to get married to someone. When you approach somebody to make wedding invitation cards, you might have several ideas running through your mind. 

Here are some of the innovative concepts and ideas you can choose from for your wedding invitation card:

Leather and Linen

If you are a romantic at heart and like vintage items, you should opt for a wedding card design that is a mix of leather and linen. This particular wedding card concept is also embraced by those who like the touch and feel of old books. The pressed invitations, featuring torn edges, symbolise timeless romance.


Those who like offbeat ideas or unconventional designs often veer towards transparent wedding invitations. If you have studied contemporary minimalism, then these types of wedding invitations will greatly appeal to you. A transparent acrylic wedding invitation card would help you in catching the attention of your guests instantly. 

Warm Tones

When a friend or a relative receives your wedding invitation card in their hand, you expect them to feel a sense of warmth and love. The simplest way to do this is to add warm colours or tones to your wedding invitation. Though this trend originated in India, it did not take long for the world to accept it. 

Colour Blocking

A trend that was extremely popular in the ‘70s and the ‘80s has made a huge comeback in the present times. Not just clothes, colour blocking has made a huge impression in the wedding invitation space. If you are getting married during the summer season, opting for a colour-block-style wedding invitation would be a rather good idea.


Most people try out watercolour painting for the first time when they are in school. As we grow up, we lost touch with this particular art form. When you are about to get married, it would be a good idea to consider getting watercolour invitations made. You can get high-quality material at any store to create watercolour invitations.


While choosing a theme or concept for your minted wedding invitations, you must not miss out on considering chinoiserie. It can be broadly defined as Chinese motifs as interpreted by Europeans. When you tell a professional you are looking at getting something done along the lines of chinoiserie, they will give you a good number of templates to choose from.

Wooden Invitations

If you wish to have wedding invitations that look natural and have an old-world charm to them, wood is the keyword for you. Woods are of different types and one can carve them out in a variety of shapes. When you reach out to a professional, you can discuss the ideas you have in your mind in this particular space.


You can use cut-outs from newspapers, magazines, books and other material to create a compelling wedding invitation. If you have been using cut-outs for fun activities, you can design your wedding invitation card yourself. If you don’t find yourself to be creative enough to do something of this sort, you can take the help of a professional.


If your wedding invitation is sprawled across multiple pages or layers, you must ensure that there is some coherence in it. You should decide on a particular visual pattern and ensure that it comes across well on the wedding invitation card. The visual pattern should be distinctive and have a thought behind it. 


Many people are far more interested in the elements of the past than things which are available today. If you always wished to time travel to the ‘70s or wanted to see how life was in the ‘50s, here is an idea you should consider. You should choose your favourite decade and get retro-style wedding invitations made. 

When it comes to wedding invitations, you can opt for tried-and-tested ideas or try out something unique and different. You must explain your ideas to the designer properly so that they can execute them well.